20 November 2018

Metatoy System: Vehicles

Metal Max 3 taken from Plamoya.com

Vehicles are define by these attributes.

Scale: Scale of the vehicle. See SCALE below.
Manoeuvrability (MNV): Manoeuvrability of the vehicle/starship. This stats limits the driver's Agility rating. Use whichever is lower.
Combat (COM): Targeting system of the vehicle. Similar to MNV, it limits the gunner’s Intellect rating. Use whichever is lower.
HP: Structure Strength of the vehicle.
DEF: TN to hit vehicle.

some sample vehicle below:

Scale: Vehicle
MNV: 2
COM: 4
Weapons: Heavy ranged weapon (1 Long) 1d6+1 dmg and medium ranged weapons (1 Medium) 1d6 dmg
HP 20 DEF 10
Special: Slow movement; can traverse difficult terrain.

Illustration by Akira Toriyama

Scale: Personal
MNV: 5
COM: 1
Weapons: Small ranged weapon (1 Short) 1d6-1 dmg
HP 9 DEF 7
Special: None.


There 4 scale categories in the game. There are:


Personal: scale of characters, NPC and most monster and aliens as well as most personal vehicles that fits 4 to 6 people.

Vehicle: scale of most planet bound vehicles that are no personal such as tanks, helicopters, planes, ships and others.

Starship: scale mostly starships of any size, from starfighters to capital ships.

Space Station: scale includes anything bigger than most capital ships, including space station and minor planetoids.

There are no rule changes when doing combat on the same scale (i.e. vehicle vs. vehicle, etc.). But, when doing on a different scale there are some different rules, see below.

Small Scale to Large Scale
When small scale attacks large scale, for every 2 categories larger, small scale gets:
Advantage attack.
Target gets 1 Damage Reduction.

Large Scale to Small Scale
When large scale attacks small scale for every 2 categories smaller, large scale gets:
Disadvantage attack.
Large Scale deals double damage.

taken from Mad Max Fury Road

Chase happens when one or more vehicle chases one or more targets. To simulate this, every participating vehicle must make opposed MNV roll. A group of vehicle only makes one roll picking the lowest MNV among them. If they win 3 (or more for more dramatic effect), the winner either escapes or manage to catch the target or engaged in combat (with the winner having a full round action), etc.

Metal Max 3 taken from Plamoya.com

What’s the use of vehicle without some actions? Vehicle combat is similar to personal combat with some different rules.

Determine Initiative: Every player’s vehicle makes MNV roll against opponent’s vehicle with the highest DEF. Player who succeed acts before opponent and player who failed acts after opponent.

Move: Vehicle makes 1 move or stay. See Movement & Distance for more information.

Action: an action is thing the character is doing on their turn. The action can take place before, during or after moving. Some possible actions a character can take:

Attack Gunner makes Intellect or vehicle COM roll (whichever is lower) against target vehicle's DEF. If successful, gunner makes damage roll based on weapon used.

Driver Attacks (for personal or vehicle only): Driver may attack at Disadvantage with handheld weapon (Might roll for melee weapon at Close distant or Agility roll for ranged weapon at ranged of the weapon), targeting either occupant or the vehicle.

Board a vehicle (for personal or vehicle only): Must be done in Close distance. Crew that jumps to another vehicle must make Agility roll (TN determines by GM). If successful, they might have a personal combat happening before the crew gets to control the vehicle.

Ramming: Ram can only be done in Close distance. Driver makes MNV roll vs. target DEF. If successful, you inflict half of your vehicle HP in damage on both the target vehicle and your own. Damage reduction still reduce this damage.

Dodging: +2 to vehicle/starship’s DEF. effect last for 1d3 rounds.

Locking on Target: Gunner spend a full round locking target ship. Gunner must make Intellect roll (TN is target vehicle’s DEF). If successful, you make Advantage attack roll next round.

p/s: Most of this vehicle rules were taken and modified from Solar Blade & Cosmic Spells by Diogo Nogueira. I like it so much so it should be in Metatoy!

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