17 July 2018

Metatoy System: Warrior Class

Art by Akira Toriyama (Taken without permission)

Today we are going talk about the meat of the game. Classes. there will be 3 basic classes in the game which can be found in many RPG. GMs are encouraged to modify thess basic classes to make up their character classes as they see fit in their game world. 

Today's class is the Warrior. A warrior can be a soldier, mercenaries, etc. Anything that warrior like can be a Warrior Class. Heck they could be Pure Human in a post apocalypse RPG.


The soldier, combative and physical character. 

Starting class stats: 2 to Might or Agility; 1, 1, 0 distributed however you wish.

Starting HP: 1d6+8

HP Per Level/Resting: 1d6+2

Special Abilities:

Combat Superiority: Warrior gets extra attack per round equal to difference between his level and the highest number of HD on the opponent side.

Heavy Hitter: Warrior deals +1 melee damage. It increases to +2 when he reaches Level 5.

Favoured Weapon: Choose 1 weapon. That weapon received Advantage attack roll. He can pick another weapon when he reaches Level 5.

Tough Guy: Once per adventure upon reaching 0 HP, Warrior immediately gain 1d6+Level of HP.

10 July 2018

Metatoy System: Attributes, Save Roll, Action Roll and Luck Points


Like Lara, Metatoy has 4 attributes. They are Might, Agility, Intellect and Willpower. See below for what they do in the game.

Might: determines toughness, physical strength, resistance to substances.
Agility: determines manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination and reflexes.
Intellect: determines knowledge, awareness and ability to memorize.
Willpower: determines tone of will, presence and ability to influence another.


A Save Roll is used to determine whether magic, poison, or various other types of attacks are effective against a character or monster.

When making saving roll, you make roll as normal using appropriate attribute against TN (Target Number) designated by the GM. Creature makes save roll by rolling 2d6 adding half of its HD (Hit Dice, will be explained later), rounded up. Use the table below for guidance.

Might : Physical harm that cannot be dodged. Poison, disease, radiation, death.
Agility : Physical harm that can be dodged.
Intellect : Deception and illusions.
Willpower : Charming effects. Psionic abilities


There is one more mechanic used for special abilities (it could be mutation, etc). We called this the Action Roll. The special ability is scored 1 to 5, the higher the better. When asked to make an Action Roll, you roll 1d6. If you rolled equal or less than the special ability, you can still use the special ability again next turn. But, if you rolled higher than the special ability, it decreases by 1. When it reaches 0, it means the special ability is Exhausted.
There will be special instruction on how to replenish the value of the special abilities i.e maybe by taking a long rest (mutation), etc.

P/S: I took this from Solar Blade & Cosmic Spell with an okay from the author, Diogo Noguiera :) (you can see him in the list of SFK magic-users on the right). This is a d6 answer for Black Hack Usage Die. I really like the mechanic I add in Metatoy.


You can use Luck Points to affect the outcome of a battle or situation and swing the odds to your favour. Every character starts with 3 Luck Points. They are not cumulative and must be use during a session. It will replenish again at the beginning of a new session. You can use 1 Luck Point to:
  • Make 1 reroll to any roll except damage roll.
  • Perform an action or movement in any round even when it’s not the character’s turn.
  • Recover HP by making recovery roll.
  • Provide an Advantage to a single action.

03 July 2018

Metatoy System: Core Rules

Hi there, I've been on and off with Experimental Playground not because I'm ditching it but I've been creating a new RPG mechanic which I called Metatoy System (previously Nara). It's an offshoot from LARA System and adding game mechanic that I like from old and new school RPG.

So for every week after today (hopefully) I will make one post about Metatoy in this blog. Hopefully you would enjoy and even comment and/or critique on the new rpg system. Without wasting anymore time, read the core mechanic below:

clipart taken from Wizard of the Coast (without permission)


Since I love 2d6 very VERY much, I take the basic mechanic of LARA and use that as a base to create Metatoy and just like LARA when a character needs to do something that is risky, they must roll 2d6 and add relevant attribute. Meeting or exceeding designated Target Number (TN) usually imposed by the GM means success. Simple right?

Easy 5
Moderate 7
Hard 9
Tough 11
Extreme 13

You get a CRITICAL on a natural roll of 12 on 2d6; and a FUMBLE on a natural roll of 2 on 2d6. A CRITICAL is good and a FUMBLE is very bad. A CRITICAL HIT always deals double damage, obviously.

Well this is a mechanic that I saw first in Barbarian of Lemuria and many other rpg. It only became famous when D&D introduced it in their game. Which means I will use it eliminating all future modifier in the game.

When making Advantage roll, you roll 3d6 and drop the lowest. While, when making Disadvantage roll, you roll 3d6 and drop the highest. You don’t roll extra d6 if you have more Advantages, instead one Advantage neutralize one Disadvantage, so it better to have more Advantage than Disadvantage.

14 March 2018

Savage Flower Kingdom: Legend of Zelda

Greeting, I know I haven't post anything for the longest time in EP blog. I am sorry for that. To be honest I was busy, busy with making another role playing game which I have had been putting for the longest time in EP blog, Starfarer's Kosmos. The game will not use Lara System but instead use new one which I dubbed Nara System. It is a mini OSR using 2d6. Will tell you guys about it when it is done.

Anyway, I'm making this post because of these 2 monsters. Both from Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild, which to be honest I haven't played yet but like it anyway. Both of these monster are statted by Leandro Campos. Enjoy!

p/s: He might post more!

28 June 2017

Pierrot Sayz...

Good news everybody!

Pierrot - a buddy of mine that helps me a lot with SFK and LARA, created his own blog! He will be developing a lot to SFK and LARA with his own setting Norryn and maybe more! Go there now!

Why are you still here? Go there! Go!!!

 Pierrot Sayz click this picture!

18 May 2017

Road Warrior

Road Warrior
Pet Name given to character who can drive greatly using ground vehicle. They sacrifice their health just to modify their vehicle as good as possible.

HP: 1d6+8
Skill: Pick 2
Reserved skill:
[Ace Driver] Always roll advantage whenever manoeuvring ground vehicle. (If opponent vehicle is faster than pc vehicle, they still roll advantage).
[HFS]* +1(+1 more) to any one ability. Ability score cannot go above the value of 3 for starting character.
[Radiation Resistance] roll advantage whenever dealing with radiation roll.
Tech Adapt: roll advantage whenever interacting or operating computer, ancient tech and robot.

Starting Equipment: 15 VP vehicle, shotgun (3d6, always burst Ammo: Lots TN:5) and Light Armour (+1 DEF)

08 March 2017


created by Gusko

No one laughs at the master of Quack Fu!

Known also as Crazy Duck, Wild Duck (more or less all affectionately derisive), Duck Person, Duck People, etc. They are not ducks actually, but short, greedy and tough platypus-like small humanoids. They are oviparous, venomous, have brown coat coverage, leathery duck-bills, small dew claws, but no beaver tails. Duckling war-chiefs and shamans use custom clothes covered with saurian bird's feathers which strengthen the false belief that they are somewhat related to ducks. They have a knack for fighting taller creatures and a notorious mean streak.

HP: 1d6+8
Skill: Small and pick 1 skill (reserved or common)
Reserved skill: Quack Attack, Berserker Rage

[Berserker Rage] +1 to melee attack.

[Quack Attack] Duckling can redo any one roll by unleashing an angry storm of quacks to the GM. The new roll stands, even if the result is worse. This can be done once per scene.

[Small] Small character cannot use 2 handed weapon. +1 to attack and defend against enemies larger than human.

as a creature

Combat 1
Ability 1
HP 9
Damage: Claw (2, Poison), Spear (1d6) or Saber (1d6)

Duckling also usually equip with small shield (reduce 1 damage)

[Poison] Whenever Duckling successfully hits a target, the target must make PHYSICAL roll (TN 8) or loses another 1d6 damage.

Note: Gusko has sent me a lot of character classes, in fact he send me another Heroes Folio which he called Heroes Folio Addendum. All I need to do is edit this thing into a readable pdf (as everyone knows, this needs time). Thanks again Gusko. I might put some classes on the blog if you don't mind.

Also this class could be used for Mutants & Machineguns Evolved Animal class and I am working on Mutants & Machineguns right now.

Well that's enough of duck for this week, next stop finishing Mutants & Machineguns.


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