03 February 2017

Old School Savage Flower Kingdom

Source: https://minipainting-guild.net/eo/eoart2.html, I really like Erol Otus's art
Fellipe/BirdBardo create a house rules for Savage Flower Kingdom, somewhat in old school rpg style where you roll for stats. This really reminds me of Dungeons & Dragons and Fighting Fantasy.

Go to his page and download, it is in English

Old School SFK

Note: I am sorry for the lateness of posting this on the blog, I've should done this earlier. Sorry and sorry again. Right now, I am busy creating something for LARA and drawing comic. Turn out that the comic sold out and was kind of a hit here locally.

26 December 2016

LARA will be coming soon to drivethrurpg!

This will be available in drivethrurpg/rpgnow in a few days (maybe a week since it is Christmas). The RPG will be Pay-What-You-Want so that everyone could play it. Also it will be release using CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. That means everyone could make and sell RPG using it. Hopefully when it is release everyone would enjoy it! 

Note: I will post a link here when the game is out later

20 December 2016

30 August 2016

LARA Vehicle Combat Rules


At the beginning of chase combat every vehicle make a manoeuvre roll (2d6 + vehicle Move + drive skill) trying to get better position. Loser gets a +1 bonus for the next manoeuvre rolls and it is cumulative until he wins. You can represent that +1 as tokens or coins for easy reference.
The winner picks one of the options below:

ATTACK Player rolls 2d6 + vehicle Combat + gunner bonus. If the result is equal or higher than target’s DEF, the attack hits. Roll weapon damage and apply it to target’s HP.

CLOSE Player move close to target vehicle. If he wins manoeuvre roll next turn he can RAM the target vehicle or attack using PERSONAL WEAPON to occupant.

DISENGAGED Player disengaged from chasing. If he wins manoeuvre rolls next turn he can ESCAPE.

ESCAPE Player escape from the chase.

RAM Player rams target vehicle! Roll vehicle ram damage and apply it to target vehicle’s HP. If he wins manoeuvre rolls next turn, he can RAM once more.

PERSONAL WEAPON Make an attack roll. Victim must be in target vehicle car and he received DEF bonus of the vehicle he is in when attacked.

When the winner had taken his turn, all vehicle make manoeuvre roll once again. Repeat until one side loses.

Here are some vehicle stats for everyone to play. I stat Mad Max Fury War Rig and Nux Buggy

War Rig
DEF 9, HP 65, Combat 1, Move 2, Ram 6d6, Shield 10, DEF Bonus +3,
Personal Weapon: Guns (1d6), Shotgun (2d6), Flaregun (1d6, target stunt)

Max Rockatansky 
Physical 4, Mental 2, Combat 4, Social 1, HP 25, DEF 7
Skill: Drive (2) +3 to when manoeuvring vehicle.

Imperator Furiosa
Physical 2, Mental 3, Combat 3, Social 2, HP 18, DEF 7
Skill: Drivev(2), Sharpeyes +2 when shooting.

Nux Buggy
DEF 8, HP 20, Combat 1, Move 3, Ram 3d6, Shield 3, DEF Bonus +2,
Weapon: Thunderstick x 6 (3d6)
Mod: Nitrobooster (roll 3d6 and pick 2 of the best when manoeuvring)

Physical 1, Mental 3, Combat 1, Social 1, HP 12, DEF 7
Skill: Drive (1) +2 when manoeuvring vehicle.

Physical 1, Mental 2, Combat 1, Social 1, HP 12, DEF 7

26 July 2016

Wim Le Page's Pagius Games

You see that, THIS is what I want from fans!

Well Wim Le Page of Pagius Games translated Savage Flower Kingdom, Obsidian Crystal Quest and True Soccer Hero into Dutch aaaand he go further by making bits and pieces for SFK and especially Obsidian Crystal Quest! Go there and download them.


Be sure to check this site every now and then. He might update stuff!

20 July 2016

LARA System Random Alien Generation Charts

Something awesome came up in Brian's blog. It's the LARA system Random Alien Generation Charts! It's so that you can make random alien on the fly or get inspired by it or both! I am going to run Starfarers Kosmos with these tables. Go there now! It's a plus with Pete's artwork. I love his work.


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