04 May 2011

The Mini Quest

The Mini Quest is a simple fantasy adventure game for 2-3 players. Players take on a role of an adventurer roaming the island of Seapoot (See-Put) solving quest to unlock the secret to defeat THE BOSS!

Players will roam in a hex-based board. The board consisted of 3 different areas; Mountain, Forest and Desert. Each area will have its own line of monster that you will face. Players will battle the monsters to gain gold to buy some accessories - preparing for the Boss.

Dowload the game here!
The Mini Quest v1.2
The Mini Quest Expansion #1 (print it on an A5)
The Mini Quest (coloured version)
The Mini Quest Expansion #2
The Mini Quest with Expansions #1 and #2 (French version)
The Mini Quest Expansion #3 for 4 to 5 players
The Mini Quest Expansion #3 for 4 to 5 players (French version)


  1. I've played this game. Interesting. Didn't you said this would take 15 mins or so? LIES! This took 45 mins hehe. So far so gewd, I like this game. I thought about this last nite, when fighting a monster, it's the player against another player, it's like screwing your team member since the ultimate goal is to kill Monster Boss. ;D

  2. hi do you think is it possible to play it, somehow, with more than 3 persons? :) oh.. i'd like to translate it in italian.. any problem about that? :)

  3. Hello Aleckx,
    Personally I do think it is possible to play it 4 players, only that you need to add 4 more quests and 2 more area (1 town and 1 village) which I haven't got time to do it yet. About translating it to Italian, please do, I would like a translated version of it :D and I approve you translating it!

  4. bonjour ! i love the idea of mini quest and i want to translate the game in french, beute zère iz a ditail, what is the name of the font(s?) you use for that game please, i wanna do it right ...
    ... i work in a social center and i think some kids ... euh ... would be interested (understand my angliche ?).
    ... i think i'm going to translate "giant battle" too ... love that kind of illustration, salutation to robertson !
    thanks great !

  5. Dear pascal arcade,

    I used deanna font which you can get here http://www.1001fonts.com/font_details.html?font_id=2895 for the big letter word. For the rest I used Arial font.

    Please post it here if you finish with the translation because I think some other french children would like to play the game here :)

  6. hello mr robertson, i have ...


    -the dragon really have a "L" weight ?
    -i think "H" is "hell" for the hound but "L" for the desert shark ???
    (lone shark?). you read frank herbert's dune no ?
    -kite is a kind of "kitty men people" ?
    -what's a the chiisai (she say?) ? a kind of (big "H") tiresome forest girl ?
    -why just two heros start with 2G ? (no gold for the girl ho ho ho ?)
    -the little dices are a free font ?
    -what is the font on the market list ? (comic sans ms ?)
    -tank top is a tank turret as hat ???
    -barbed bangle is a barbed bracelet with spikes ?
    -there is an obscure point for me about "monster stack" and "encouter stack".
    that's what i understand :
    1-in the beginning of the game, there is no counter in the monster stack.
    2-when you move for the first time in a monster area, you pick an
    encounter marker and if that monster is not "at home" you put it in
    the monster stack on the board face down for a future pick ?
    3- if there is a monster marker in the monster stack hex same nature of
    hex of your hero, you pick it for fight, not in the encounter stack.
    i'm right ?
    -when you fight, a hit cause the lose of only 1 HP ?
    -when you fight the boss, there is only one round by hero/boss. if he move
    at phase 0, he "teleport" himself in the other place ? and you must go to
    this place, try to kill him ?

    REMARKS (are you agree ?) :

    -i traduce "market" by "bazar", it's better in french than "marché"
    -for the paragraph "in the city" & "in the village" i don't write any (A),
    (B) or (C) for a gain of place.
    -for the same reason, i write the boss stats in his token
    -"fort pryde" for "pryde fort" ... bah ...

    bye bye !



    -the "monster coil" is a a kind of big coil of rope you put to the monster
    to escape ? it's for 1 use only ?
    -if you carry 2 of the same item like the lucky charm, you have 2 reroll
    by roll ? it's for 1 use only ?
    -the potion is for 1 use too ?

    after your responses, the traduction is over !
    good ouikène

  8. All the weight is actually already balance with their Ability Point (AP). At first it wasn't weight but speed somehow it got stuck with weight.To answer your question yes the dragon is L weight.

    H. Hound is Hell Hound and L.Shark is Land Shark. I have problem making long name on the small token.

    Likewise the chiisai is a weak monster that is why its weight is H.

    Yes 2 Gold for player 2 and 3 at the start of the game.

    Yes the dice font is free http://www.ambor.com/public/dice/dice.html

    font on the market list is this one http://www.dafont.com/anim-ace.font

    tank top is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tank_top

    barbed bangle is bracelet with spikes.

    on the monster stack you are right all along.

    yes a hit causes 1 damage to opponent.

    yes you must go to that place and try to kill him.


    In your language bazaar sounded better than marche.
    I agree with all the changes you made as it fits your language better.


    a monster coil is something like a mosquito coils but only for monster http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosquito_coil

    on the lucky charm and potion, you may only carry 2 of this item at one time. You can only use 1 item at 1 time only, which means you reroll 1 time and the item is used up.

    hope that answers your questions. Thank you for playing!

  9. hola, saludos desde venezuela, realmente me gusto muchísimo la mini quest. muchas gracias

  10. Could you please provide a higher resolution image of the coloured version?

    1. Sorry I don't think I had a higher coloured version for this :(

      Someday, I might make a remake of Mini Quest. Someday

    2. I would love that! Thanks for the reply.

  11. I suppose Expansion #3 makes the game "complete", right? Do you think it would be possible to play with all expansions, but only with 2 players?

    1. Got it. Thanks!
      (BTW, dropped you a mail on BGG a few days ago.)



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