03 December 2011

Horde of the Dead version 2

You are Giraffe the hero of this game and you arrived in a small inn. Suddenly during the night something was attacking the inn. It’s a horde of ZOMBIE WARRIORS!!!. Nobody survive except you and the inn keeper’s daughter, Mari-chan. Survive the game until the timeline finishes.

In version 2:
The combat uses dice which introduce the element of random. 
Reward system is changed for the better called combo gold. 
The heroes now share their hit points. 
The heroes also share action point to do their actions.
This time around the zombie is now a zombie warrior, they will attack the house if there is no hero present in the room they occupied.
and hopefully this one is more streamline than the previous one.

You can download the game below
Horde of the Dead version 2
Horde of the Dead version 2.1 (Spanish)


  1. Patrik Carpentier4 December 2011 at 18:33

    It is rare to find solitary games on the web, especially when they take on a single sheet of paper.
    Good luck!

    PS: when will come the next game? :)

  2. Thanks for the compliment.

    Usually we are free during the month of November and December so expect more games during this time of the year.

    I am working on a game right now. Hopefully I can post it before Christmas :)

  3. Played this yesterday, nice one as usual.

  4. Thanks Alek :D

    You know I am still waiting for your post apocalypse trading game! I wanted to play that!

    Some of these days I will make something similar :D

  5. Played it and enjoyed it very much. But after a couple of games it becomes too easy for the human warriors to survive until the end. Once they have enough gold to upgrade Mari Chan's weapon and buy traps, they'll always be able to take out at least one zombie in whatever room they're in and then set a trap in the Hall and move to another room. Since zombies must move before attacking, and all the other rooms lead onto the Hall, any zombies in any other room move into the Hall and are taken out by the trap. The heroes won't get gold for this, but will have made sure their aren't enough zombies to ever overwhelm them by time the clock runs out.

  6. ravensron > I know it would be that easy eventually when you've played the game enough. So to make it a little bit harder try this is as an optional mode (thanks to Mark Cookman of BGG). I want to call it Cookman Mode! In this mode whenever the zombies attack, they attack automatically without rolling any dice. Each zombie will deal 1 damage either to the house or the heroes depending where they are. Hopefully it would be fun for you

    Keep on playing :D

  7. Hello, the link is not working anymore :(

  8. @Alibali The link is working maybe you should wait a few hour or a day or two. Sometimes mediafire tends to do that. Hope you try again and cheer up :)

  9. Just remembering: did you receive the mail about the translation?

  10. @SantiagoK I already received your. I will upload the game later next week as my internet is a bit slow now :)



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