22 November 2011

Giant Battle

In this age of power and greed, every faction in the world are battling it out to find out who is better king among all kings. Giant Battle is a 2 player game. In the game each player controls a faction which you used to kill leader of opposing faction to win the game. You need 3 six sided dice and a cutting tool to play the game.

Designer note: I really want the title to be 'Mini Battle' but my brother are against the title, hence the title 'Giant Battle'. The game is inspired by Summoner Wars. The cover is actually a copy of the Make You Fortress game (because I love Adventure Planning Service/Bouken!)

Download the game below
Giant Battle Colour Version
Giant Battle Black and White Version
Giant Battle (Italian version)
Giant Battle Fan Expansion
Giant Battle (French version)
Giant Battle Fan Expansion (French version)
Giant Battle Fan Expansion 2


  1. Thanks guys, your games ROCKS!

  2. Thank you maeltj. It is because of people like you that gives us the drive to do more games! Thanks again!

  3. Hi!
    Big fan of your games and blog! Greetings from south america!

  4. Wow! South America! Greeting from Malaysia Ikaros! How is pnp games (print and play games) there? In Malaysia it seems we are the only one that is into pnp games...

  5. I really like your game.
    So, I want to see the expension of giant battle likewise summoner wars.

    Don't you think that making expensions?

  6. Hi there Anonymous,
    We would really like to make an expansion but it is busy time for us with school and job and we actually wanted other fans/game designer to make the expansion :)

  7. Hello! Thank for this game. My girlfriend hate my boardgames but she love "Giant Battle". Including, she invented a new piece: a tower for the orcs, and a catapult for the the dwarfs. We played all day sunday. Greetings from Colombia.

  8. @Mirotzito el Rojo: I am glad you and your gf like Giant Battle :) we would like to see how the tower and the catapult work :) Can we?

    Anyway Thanks again! Keep on playing!

  9. Thanks for sharing ,this game is really amazing missing child

  10. Thaks from Spain!

    I,m thinking about amplify your game...

  11. How about making it more strategic, like adding a new square in the game (castle). First player gets to place the caastle, second player gets to move first. And whoever controls the castle for a movement whole turn without moving, gets to bring in 1 new unit adjascent to the castle?



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