10 April 2013

Mutants & Machine-guns

For newer version of Mutants & Machine-guns v3, go here

Legend says that long ago, so long that no one know was living then, terrible wars swept the civilized world, leaving vast wastelands where no man can live.

Before the wars began, man was ruler of the earth. But one result of the terrible wars was that creatures rose from the ashes of the unknown. The genes of the earth's animals and plants were altered, until strange, new creatures arose - creatures of the awesome power and fierceness and often great intelligence.

You have lived all your years among such creatures and among the strange artifacts - inexplicable, often dangerous- of the Ancients who created this now devastated civilization whose ruins you live among the world of Mutants & Machine-guns!

Designer's Note: This is Experimental Playground's first RPG so it will be different from the other product we produce, it is NOT a board game. Anyone who doesn't know what RPG is can go here for more explanation. Since we pretty much introduce board gaming to wide audience maybe we should write down something similar for RPG. For now please enjoy Mutants & Machine-guns!

If you do not have any idea about pocketmod, visit this place http://www.pocketmod.com/

Version history
Version 1.1
-Added in initiative rules
-Add critters

Version 1.2
-Fixed the stats description
-Lower TN difficulty by 1
-Full rest recovers full hp
-Standardise weapon & armour table
-Pocketmod version available

Version 1.3
-Took out additional eyes mutation
-Rewrite critical success & fumble rules
-Change and rewrite initiative rules

Version 1.3.1
-Change the paragraph font (Calibri;size 20)

Version 2.0
-Renaming the stats now called abilities
-Adding tokens, battlefield, character sheet (more like Experimental Playground huh)
-Change damage system and improved combat system
-Improved mutations

Download the game here
Mutants & Machine-guns v1.3
Mutants & Machine-guns pocketmod v1.3
Mutants & Machine-guns v1.3 (Spanish)
Mutantes & Ametralladoras v1.3 (Spanish)
Mutantes & Ametralladoras pocketmod v1.3 (Spanish)
Mutants & Machine-guns v1.3 (French)
Mutants & Machine-guns pocketmod v1.3 (French)
Mutants & Machine-guns v1.3.1
Mutants & Machine-guns pocketmod v1.3.1
Mutants and Machine-guns v2
Mutants and Machine-guns pocketmod v2
Mutants and Machine-guns v2 (Spanish)

or go to Mutants & Machine-guns v3 (draft)


  1. Nice! I downloaded it, and ill read it later tonight when i have some time.

  2. mm maybe i'm dumb but.. i've not understood how i can play this game, it's like an RPG? i imagine my own adventure?

  3. @godril: It is an RPG! Yes you imagine your adventure but I guess you knew what is RPG.

  4. ahah yes yes i know ok ..i expected a game with map and stuff like others ^* however it is a great idea.. i'll try to play it!

  5. @godril: We will expand this game eventually if a lot of people support it! And as always Thank you for playing!

  6. Excellent. I was waiting for this :)
    One question: are there problems if I translate into Spanish?

  7. @Sebastian: I do not see any problem if you translate it into Spanish, also please include you yourself as one of the translator!

  8. Will get home and check this out. Would be nice to see a civilization game from you guys

  9. It's a nice little game. A rules light RPG, i like it. It plays similar to Rogue Space, but the added Defense stat and a few extra rules make it its own. The cover art i really like, and the typeset you used was fun. My only criticism would be don't use the same font for all the text. Use it on the paragraph titles, but an easier to read font for the rest of the text. Anyway, good stuff.

  10. @Igor: You mean a civilization game like Sid Meier's civilization?

    @Jared: Maybe I should just make a Rogue Space version of Mutants & Machine-guns since nobody is making a post apocalyptic version of it. Anyway will change the font like your suggestion. Thanks a lot :)

  11. You don't need to robert. It's simple enough that it doesnt need to be treated as a supplement.

  12. Thanks Jared, I really need that :) now I know that this is good own its own :D

  13. This looks great! I'll give it a go with some of my friends. I do hope that you continue with additions to this, such as rules for vehicles, more monsters and items, mutations, races, etc. Great job!!!

  14. Will do this Jayce. We might do some more revision after some play test. Then if everything is alright then we might expand to rules for vehicles, more mutation, races, ancient item, etc :)

  15. Great job !
    I'm starting a french translation ;)
    Are you ok ?

  16. @whiteRaven: Of course I am ok with it :) Just make sure you put yourself credit as a translator :)

  17. Great. We all want the *adventures* :) Some people make lists of 100-200 adventures for D&D each described with a line or two. Maybe this format would fit well in your style.

    And the expansions :)

    Why didn't you make reflexes add to initiative, and to attack roll for ranged?

    Does Brain Lock prevent any action of the target, or only the Move action?

    Why aren't the psionic tecniques less effective versus targets with higher wits?

  18. And, do the armor give bonus also against psionic attacks?

  19. Dammit! Too late again. Anyway I attached two version (plain and pocketmod version) of my own translation (adaptation) to spanish of the rule book. I hope you like it :)

    Mutantes & Ametralladoras pocketmod v1.3

    Mutantes & Ametralladoras v1.3

    Have a nice day.

  20. @Eduardo Sebastian: Haha of course I will! will put it up here :)

  21. @Anon: Maybe in the next revision I will redo the initiative and ranged attack rules. Before this it was like that but I wanted to simplify the rules.

    Brain Lock makes your character does not able to do anything.

    Wits should have somekind of effect, but with the current roll against TN I guess it does not. Will eventually revise on this.

    Finally, yes and no on armour gives bonus against psionic. Everything depends on the psionic attack if it is physical yes if it is not then no.

    Thanks again for these question :)

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. @Robertson Sondoh Jr : What kind of font do you use for the text ? ( and the size) I want to be as close as possible to the original ^^

  24. I just wanted to say that Minigun in spanish is also Minigun, otherwise, nice translation.

  25. @WhiteRaven: The font is Visitor TT2 BRK. Font for the paragraph title is 36 while the paragraph is 26. Eventually this will change in the next version though. I will post it here when the revision is done. Also, thank you so very much for translating the game :)

    @Marco: You should thanks the people who translate it :)

  26. @Robertson: You are right, that may have sounded rude, I just wanted to point out an error I found.
    Thanks for the translation, I actually printed it yesterday, and is waiting to be folded to become a member of my wallet stuff, I don't know when I will meet some friends that don't speak english but want to play this game, and the translation is very well done. :)

  27. This is a great game, I just have one question, why would anyone pick a weak knike, when they can choose a Plasma Sword? Are there penalties while picking the stronger weapons?

  28. @Anon: I will revise the game in later version. I know that nobody want to pick low damage weapon. For now it is better if every starting character pick a low melee and a low ranged weapon.

  29. @Robertson : you can find here (http://www.mediafire.com/view/?0f1184byfvfdrf1) the french version of your game (sorry for the late)

  30. @WhiteRaven: No worries :) I'll just put it up here. Also, THANKS for translating it :)

  31. @ Robertson : the pocketmod version : http://www.mediafire.com/view/?mxdac6hkmg0w8tg

  32. Downloaded and reading. About Civilization game, would be like that or Roll Through the Ages, PocketCiv, Eclipse

  33. So I've looked through the RPG, and it looks great! I still hope you do later add-ons and revisions.
    I think the idea of using hp instead of mana works well in this RPG. Others use that system, and it doesn't work so well. Anyways, great job, and looking forward to more!

  34. Great system! It is simple and elegant. As a fan of Gamma World and rules-light RPGs, I quite enjoy a game like this. Keep up the good work.

  35. @Igor: We thought about it but somehow it doesn't happen. But maybe one day... one day...

    @Jayce and Malcadon: We're now making the version 2 of the game. I do hope a lot of players and GM give a lot of feedback to improve on M&Mg.

  36. This is an awesome game that brings me back to the old Gamma World days. I prefer things that are simple and easy to learn. Thanks for providing such things for free! -R


  37. @Perpetual Role: Thanks you so very much :) I do hope you play this game well. I also hope that you give feedback because we are preparing to create a version 2 of the game. Be sure to tune in for more!

  38. I've done a lovely little review for your lovely little game. I am hungry for more! http://www.thefreerpgblog.com/2013/05/light-and-tight-mutants-and-machineguns.html

  39. @Rob: Thanks Rob! Thanks for the lovely review. A Bestiary would be really nice. I wonder if I should rip off Gamma world's critters? As of right now we're trying to make an introductory adventure for M&MG. So, stay tune!

  40. Hey, posted my first post about this RPG. Looking forward to write a whole series of post for this game (and restarting my blog in the meantime)!

    You can read the first post here:

  41. Hello, I'm very glad of version 2 but I think I found a rule hack: if I were a mutant I would at once search for 20 rad points... it seems to much an advantage, and you still have 20 more to fill in order to die.

  42. @Questing GM: Thanks KC, keep us posted!

    @Anon: I guess it is one of the advantage of being a mutants. We might revise the rules of radiation, but for now that is pretty much the radiation rules.

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