29 December 2009

True Soccer Hero

True Soccer Hero is a two-player fantasy soccer board game of clever management of players on the field, tight score difference, and an always fun easy-to-teach game of soccer. Managers(the players) must carefully plan their tactic on getting pass through the defence and eventually score a goal. The game take about 15+ minutes of intense and exciting game soccer.

True Soccer Hero is a print-and-play game in which managers taking turns roll the dice and based on the given result managers make a clever strategy that can get pass through the opposition goal line.

All you need to play True Soccer Hero is:

1d6 (or 1 die)
The game components
The rule book
The board which is the field
True Soccer Hero (Italian version)
True Soccer Hero (Dutch version)


  1. Wahhh cute artwork. New game ;) Lets play.

  2. bah 2 players jom
    Mas : wrell?

  3. True Soccer Hero (Brazil-Portuguese version):




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