10 November 2010

Horde of the Dead

You are Giraffe the hero of this game and you arrived in a small inn. Suddenly during the night something was attacking the inn. It’s a horde of ZOMBIES!!!. Nobody survive except you and the inn keeper’s daughter, Mari-chan. Survive the game in 3 nights without anyone dying.

This game is inspired by the genre tower of defense, where a horde of zombie, comes and attack the inn wave by wave. You job is to control Giraffe, Mari-chan and occasionally Dogmeat by moving them through the inn, defending against the zombies, set barricade, buy stuff to upgrade and protecting Mari-chan while surviving yourself.

You need at least 1 six sided-die (the more the faster the game goes), 4 counters(different kind or colour) in which 1 of them represent zombie (which you need at least 7), a pencil and an eraser to jot down equipment, hp, bp and so on.

Download the game here
Download version 1.1 here

NOTE: You can also play the version 2 of the game below
Horde of the Dead version 2


  1. Hello!
    First of all, I am happy I've foud your site. You have had great ideas for your games.
    I liked this one a lot, I've made a couple of plays but I'm not sure about some rules.

    I resolve damage this way:
    Zombies move, then each one deals one damage;
    Each hero may move and then try to kill the zombies.
    If Giraffe, at BP 0, throws a 2 in a room with e zombies, he will kill all of them.
    Are my interpretations correct?

    After many hypothesis I choosed to treat Dogmeat this way: in phase 2, before doing anything else, I solve his movement and attack. If he would move in a room where another hero is, he stays where he is instead.
    Does this accord to your idea?

    - If zombies are in room VI with Mari-Chan and Giraffe is in room IV at full HP, do they move toward him or attack her?
    - If zombies appear in outside 3 and Giraffe is in room II, if there isn't a barricade in the window in III (which the zombie would *have* to attack) may they move in outside 2?
    - I just realized I played with zombies moving to the nearest hero with highest *maximum* HP. Should they move towards the one with maximum HP left instead?

    I hope to be given answers to my questions, because I feel the game difficulty would change a lot.
    (I just finished the standard game, then continued with 3 night with +1 zombie to each wave, then died in the first night with +2 zombies to every wave. I had been able to buy only the Maid Suit and one Dogmeat. I didn't find barricades very useful).

  2. Hi Richard,


    All battle is solve with number of zombies - BP = damages to the hero; So in your example 2 zombies attacking Giraffe (without any equipment)will gives 2 damages to him and he defeat the 2 zombies.

    During phase 2 of the game (which is hero movement) you roll 1 die, the result is the place where Dogmeat goes to. If the area have a hero, roll again or stay (it's your choice)

    - the zombies attack Giraffe as he has a lot of HP, but if at that time Mari-Chan has more HP than Giraffe then the zombies will attack her instead.
    -the zombie should move first and then attack.
    -yes, they move towards the one with maximum HP left instead.

    Thanks for playing the game. The rules you playing right now is not streamlined I am fixing this so that the game-play is smooth and more streamline. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks again :D



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