09 June 2014

The Peninsula: A Sourcebooklet for Savage Flower Kingdom RPG

This is my tribute to Advanced Fighting Fantasy Fan out there

The world of Savage Flower Kingdom is an extremely dangerous place. Mankind and its allies huddle in fortified settlements, from beyond the castle walls the wild lands stretch across The Peninsula. Savage flower and monsters roam at will in search of food. Evil sorcerers and wizards ready their inhuman armies for battle. With The Boss awakening from his slumber in the depth of The Dungeon, The Master is still at large on Peril Island, and remnants of the plant army roaming the land, The Peninsula is more than ever in need of heroes to defend it! Let’s go to adventure!

Designer notes: I received an email from Pierrot (French translator and also creator expansion for many of EP games). So I received a document full of a combination lore of EP previous games such as Mini Quest, 21 Turn Hero, Banana Village, Ninja vs Robot to name a few in one booklet and compiled in one game that is Savage Flower Kingdom RPG. I was surprised of how creative can one man be. For that I want to thank Pierrot for creating such sourcebook for SFK. Thank you so very much! I do hope everyone else is also having fun with this sourcebook! I know I did :)

As for the cover. It is actually an unused cover for SFK version 2, which I really think fits this time around. More stuff for SFK are coming, so stay tune!

Download the sourcebooklet here:


  1. Replies
    1. I do hope other Spanish translator see this comment.

    2. I'm going to try to traslate this pdf to spanish 'cause it'smy native language and my friends don't understand english :(
      Also 'cause I loved SFK :)

    3. You go Kevin! Spanish speakers will love this!

  2. Please we need a mini quest expansion with the map of peninsula, or better: flower kingdom mini quest.

    1. love the Savage Flower Kingdom Mini Quest idea. Will think about it



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