16 August 2014

[Savage Flower Kingdom Bestiary] Kobold

KOBOLD (created by Pierrot)
A small dog creature living in the mountains. They are weak, but they are maaaaany (usually party will encounter number of player + 1d6 kobolds). Sometime 2 in 6 chance, a hunting group is followed by a shaman.

Combat 0            
Ability 1
Defence 6            
HP 2
Damage Bite (d6-1), Mace (1d6)

[Shaman] If a shaman is present, he will have 3 MP and can cast the following spells:
Boost (TN7): All kobolds in the fight get +1 to their Initiative rolls until the end of the fight.
Alarm (TN10) Invoke d6 more Kobolds.
Fury (TN9) All Kobolds in the fight get +1 to their combat rolls until the end of the fight.

DONAM KOBOLD as a class (created by Richard Hendrick)
Kobolds lived in Donam Forests before The Vegebattle. When the forests became barren they adapted themselves in Donam Desserts,some lives coexist in cities with humans and dwarves. They’re having a hard time wearing iron and steel armor mainly because no one makes it for them and it’s just too heavy. They are cute and usually can get away from any trouble.

Starting  Kobold  gets
HP:  1d6+10
CP:  8
MP:  2
Skill: Lucky One


Designer's note: I prefer if everyone uses d6 as a probability equipment. So a 2 in 6 chance would mean if you roll a 1 or 2 on a d6, that thing will happen.1 in 6 chance mean it will happen on a roll of 1, etc.


  1. Kobolds as dog-creatures is more like it: I am very perturbed that WotC turned them from the old-school dog-like critter, to mini dragons. Love the typical red-bandanna that one would find round the neck of some dog. I love the drawings I see here.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. Actually I was inspired to draw kobold when I played one of a Gameboy Advanced game where the creature called 'Kobold' is actually a bipedal dog with mace and a wooden shield. I do not remember the title of the game though...



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