14 September 2018

Interesting stuff from Pierrot

The domesticated dungeon (part 1): Welesbur's life and work

So, here we are again. If your players have played “People die at the fair” (or “death at the fair” in its first edition), they now have the outer side of the portable hole, and are sole owners of Welesbur’s dungeon.

The dungeon is a commodity most heroes would cherish: never camp again, never have to carry dry rations, and no need to pay for the Inn, no more worrying about the weight of their equipment; nothing to stop or slow down the adventuring.

But the dungeon is a source of adventuring on its own. In people die at the fair, some questions were left unanswered. Who really was Welesbur, why did Talak Naho want him dead,who the hell is Talak Naho, what about the face –crushed statue, what is the strange amulet and of course, where the hell is the dungeon, geographically?

That's the teaser. Go to his page for more info about it.

p/s: This is a backstory for player and GM that had played 'Death at the Fair' a Savage Flower Kingdom adventure (psst, it's free). Also, I'm sorry for not putting anything new from Metatoy, I guess after I've done my stuff at home and school, I will put on a new stuff for Metatoy.

See you!

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