08 April 2016

Download Page

I have compiled EP's games in one page. The link should go to page within this blog easily. This page will occasionally be updated as necessary. Also, do enjoy our games!

8 bit inc.
Dwarf Tactic
Emergency Earth
Escape of the Dead
Galaxy Conquest
Giant Battle
Horde of the Dead v1
Horde of the Dead v2
The Mini Quest
The Mini Quest 2
Metal Quest
The Nasi Lemak Stand
Ninja vs. Robot
Oh My Lair!
Planet Run
The Raider Attack Banana Village
True Hero Minigame
True Soccer Hero
Twenty One Turn Hero Minigame
Village Run

RPG Core (LARA System)
LARA System
Mutants & Machine-guns v2
Mutants & Machine-guns v3 draft
Savage Flower Kingdom v1
Savage Flower Kingdom v2
Sprawl RPG - A Cyberpunk RPG

RPG Supplement
The Darklands: Savage Flower Kingdom
Heroes Folios: Savage Flower Kingdom Expansion
Mutants & Machine-guns Vehicle Rules
Savage Flower Kingdom Sourcebook: The Peninsula
Porca Mamma: Supplement for Mutants & Machineguns

Savage Flower Kingdom Adventure

A Lonely Village & A Mad Wizard
Death at the Fair
The Hammer of Teeth
The Obsidian Crystal Quest
The Obsidian Crystal Quest (Dutch version)


  1. thanks, i love all the games

  2. I have played Savage Flower Kingdom and my players really liked it, i didnt know about the other RPGs you have since my pdf was found on four chan, now my question is if you think that the other games (mutants and machine-guns, the sprawl) are compatible or if the spells can be used on the other two?

    1. Yes it is compatible. Spells can be used but beware that some spells could be similar to skills,traits or mutation, you just have to check on that. Right now I concentrate on what other genre using this SFK game mechanic so stay tune :)

  3. when will your next game (boargame) come? really love playing mini quest and giant battle with my gf

    1. Sorry, didn't see this post. Well there will be a boardgame coming should be around Dec 2016, hopefully before Christmas :)

  4. No plans for PoD versions of the games?

  5. Just found this treasure trove... There's too much to read at once, I don't know where to start! Thanx for sharing.



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