13 August 2008

Dwarf Tactics minigame

hi there, this is rob-jr and i love to create boardgame and stuff especially minigame (game that is simple and play for around less than 10 minutes). what i have here is a remade game that i did somewhere early last year 2007, me and my brother tweak the system a bit, because last time it is way unbalance, but it doesn't mean these game is balance. don't worry just play the game and have fun.


here is how to play the game, this game is for 2 player, each act as the dwarf chief try to defend each castle and at the same time try to eliminate opponent's castle. you start with 10 castle point and resource at Lv 1 (which is 4 resource) and you need atleast 2 six sided dice, game is played in turn. play rock, paper, scissor to determine first player.

game is divided in phase

at this phase, you replenish your resource to the value of your level. anyway resource that you didn't used that turn will go to waste. so use it wisely.

*there are 3 level of resource, each increase by 2. you start at 4 resource,

Lv 1 = 4 resource
Lv 2 = 6 resource (you need to pay 4 resource to upgrade to Lv 2)
Lv 3 = 8 resource (you need to pay 6 resource to upgrade to Lv 3)

at this phase you buy unit. refer to units cost in the battle stats card. you can put maximum of 5 unit in your unit placement and you can only buy maximum of 5 unit of peon, 4 unit of warrior and 3 unit of juggernaut.

battle phase is where you try to eliminate opponent and if opponent doesnt have units, you attack his/her castle directly. (for balance issue, you cant attack on the first turn of the game if youre the 1st player) before attacking, attacker choose which of his/her unit attack which opponent's unit. 1 unit can only attack 1 unit.

peon = roll 2d6 pick the lowest value
warrior = roll 1d6
juggernaut = roll 2d6 pick the highest value

both attacker and defender roll dice according to each unit and compare the result.

if attacker result is equal or higher than defending unit, attacker killed the defender unit. if defending unit is higher, defender won and attacker retreat (nothing happen).

if there is no defending unit, attacker roll dice for each unit and that damage is dealt to opponent's castle point.

you end your phase, now its opponent's turn to attack.

you win when you successfully reduce opponent's castle points to zero.

p/s: my english is quite sucky here... also, this game still need to be tweak and all. so comment and critique is welcome.

VARIATION 1: this time around you can use resource to buy other stuff instead of unit

pay 1 resource for 1 castle point
pay 1 resource to add +1 to a unit before combat/battle

Dwarven Sapper (cost 4 resources) contributed by questing gm
Digs underground and can attack the castle without going through the defense unit.

Roll a d6
1-4: Sapper dies, deals no damage to the castle.
5-6: Sapper dies, deals 1 castle damage.


  1. this is a nice quick game ^^

    is there a multi-player option?

    lots of potential to expand certain rules (more unit types? unit special skill? castle upgrades?), but then the game will be longer.

    i see lots of potential! ^^

  2. julian> no multiplayer option yet, but as always we can do that, add house rules! hahaha

    i was thinking of adding unit type that have ability. but see first if its ok...

    hey why not bring this to jason shop and see if they like to play it!

  3. Simple and straightforward. I don't know how much tactics will be involved. But works well to be fast!

    For the variation part, I think the extra upgrades are too cheap.

    What will make this mini-game more fun if there's a strategy element to it. Don't neccesary have make it longer to play, just more interesting and fun!

    I also agree that more units should be added but it should be different unit types. Like dwarven bomber or gnome spy (just to add an extra strategic element to the game)

    Also, why not make it Dwarf vs. Orc? Then we can make each side have their own special ability and special units. Heheheheh....

  4. some other variation of unit would be fine, i guess. will try to show some other variation later (at this rate mmg tidak dapat)

    ive tested with jason of mindslaver and create another unit there, a unit called rambo, its basically a peon with specially ability of +2 when fighting against juggernaut (peon roll 2d6, pick the lowest). the unit cost 2 resource. he said its too damn ghey...

    anyway if you guys had another unit variation, it would be good if you post it here, thanks a bunch!

  5. Dwarven Sapper (cost 4 resources)

    Digs underground and can attack the castle without going through the defense unit.

    Roll a d6
    1-4: Sapper dies, deals no damage to the castle.

    5-6: Sapper dies, deals 1 castle damage.

  6. Is there any changes?

    Cause last time even only using peons can win the game or spam defend just to upgrade castle to maximum.

  7. dias > not yet, i might review this again when im free

    meanwhile you can use the variation, questing gm suggest a new variation of unit.

  8. Hey hey! Just wanted to say thank-you for this little gem of a game. It hasn't been forgotten!
    I was just wondering - if you don't want the first player to tank-rush the opponent on the first turn, why not simply place Battle Phase before Buy Phase? That way, you can only attack with units you bought last turn, but whatever you buy now will be immediately available for defence. (Might even inject an extra bit of strategy, since the opponent may try to take out your fancy new Juggernaut before you can use it against him/her.)
    Anyways, keep up the good work! _b

  9. Thanks for the suggestion Spacemouse! I'll try your suggestion :)



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