13 February 2013

Planet Run

You are Captain Xavier Mertz pilot of the ship Yamato. One day while cruising your ship was hit by asteroids and you landed on Planet Run. You need to find the resources to fix your ship while trying to survive from dying of hunger!

Planet Run is a solo worker placement game where you becomes an astronaut exploring the planet to find resources to fix your ship. You need to survive by hunting for food. Food you eat will determine how much energy dice you will get on the next turn. You may construct gadget to help you in your task. On turn 15, you must launch your ship!

Designer note: We were trying to emulate the game Terraria with a lot of scenario based game but somehow like the usual it got simplified. We change the theme because building castle isn't really as fun as fixing the ship and fly!

Download the game here
Planet Run version 1.0
Planet Run (Brazil-Portuguese version)
Planet Run (Russian version)


  1. Niiiccceee!
    I'm glad that you guys have finally become active again! Missed your games; they rock!

  2. Thank you very much guys.
    Nice work!!

  3. metafire download not working

  4. AWESOME!!! I know you took Terraria as inspiration, but while I read the rules and played the game, my feeling was that I was in front of a Pikmin adaptation. And the most perfect one ever done! It's all over there! The captain and the crashed ship in a strange planet, the different sectors accessible only after gain some help encountered exploring other lands... and, of course, the time limit to collect parts and fix the ship, with a different game end depending on how much the ship was repaired at the time. I really loved the game!
    Asking permission to translate to Brazilian portuguese :D

  5. @Jayce: We are on and off game designer because of commitment. We don't always have the time to create game like a game company, but when we do... anyway thanks for playing!

    @maeltj: Thanks man. Hope you enjoy the game :)

    @Anon: sometimes mediafire tend to have that problem. You can always try again later.

    @Jef: We never played Pikmin because we never owned any gamecube, although along the way I heard of this Captain Olimar and his pikmin but just that. Anyway Jef as always you can translate the game just make sure we can put it here so that more Brazilian can play this game :)

  6. Would you tell me what are the fonts used in the "Tokens" title and the gadgets' names ("Gun", "Axe"...)? I couldn't figure out by myself :(

  7. The 'Tokens' and the title 'Planet Run' uses the planet font while the Gun Axe, etc use Impact font

    you can download the planet font here http://all-free-download.com/font/scifi/planet_free_font_4488.html

  8. By the way, what ever happened to "Fall In" and "First Fanta 3" ??? Those looked pretty dang cool!

  9. @Anon: I am sorry to say that "Fall In" and "First Fanta 3" isn't actually a game, it is somewhat a fictional game for 8 bit Inc. The picture http://experimentalplayground.blogspot.com/2011/12/new-games.html really confuses people I guess and it is my bad for misinformation. Although who knows in the future we might do something about it :)

  10. very fun & very cute! but little difficult!!!! : )
    I tried 3 play but can't get back Earth!! But very excited!

    I have question to [resources].
    If I rolled 1 die , 6 pips. Can I get 2 resources or only 1 resource?

    I trying translation this game rulebook for japanese.
    If I complete that . Can I send for you ? (format is plane text)

  11. Hi there Anon,
    For your question, you would get 2 resources on a roll of 6 pips.
    For the second question, yes you can send your translation in japanese and I'll make sure to put it here in the blog :)

    Also, than you for playing!

  12. I usually don't play "fast" games, they tend to be repetitive and unchallenging but yours are fun, smart and highly replayable. Love the critters' design, especially on this one ! Needs an expansion with more of those :D
    Translation in french is really appreciated :)

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  14. very nice post. thanks for sharing

  15. Replies
    1. oh man, I cannot access my mediafire at all. Something is really wrong here. I'll try to contact mediafire for this problem. Thanks for telling me about this!

    2. I already fix it, I lost the French edition though. It wasn't in my files



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