07 May 2016

Porca Mamma

Something strange is happening lately.
Convoys are being attacked by a new band of porkers.
They have much greater numbers and much better tactics than usual.
It's starting to look like a real army, and it's a matter of time before they start attacking settlements.
They call themselves Porca Mamma Revolutionary Army.

Note: This is a supplement for Mutants & Machineguns by Iván González and he delivers it well. Thanks man. If you like Mad Max Fury Road, this could be Mutants & Machineguns version of it. Let's just say that instead of Immorten Joe you got Porca Mamma and the war boys are Porkers. I really like this idea so much! BIG THANK YOU to Ivan Gonzalez! Happy playing!

Download here
Porca Mamma


  1. Replies
    1. Im glad you are happy about it. Feel free to share it and give any feedback.
      (Im the author)



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