18 May 2016

[Sprawl Class] TechDoc

created by Hiram Vazquez

TechDoc: In the 21 st century you have a “simple” job, you’re the one that everyone calls when someone needs medical assistance, a new implant or when the microwave stopped working. TechDoc starts with 1d6+8 HP, picks 2 medtechs and 1 implant.

Medical Techniques (Medtechs)
During advancement you may spend 3 XP to gain 1 new medtech.
You can use Medtechs whenever it is your turn. You need to make a mental roll against the medtech’s TN. If you fail, the technique is not done and your turn ends.

Patch Up (TN 7, 1 target) the target heals 1d6 HP.

Patch Up All (TN 11, 3 targets) 3 target heal 1d6 HP.
Requirement: Must pick Patch Up medtech first before acquiring this medtech.

Create Medstim (TN 9)  During a non-combat scene you may create a medstim. Reduce 1 item/1HP, and then 1 medstim is created. Use it to heal 1d6 HP.

Scavenge (TN 13, 1 target) After a combat you may search target dead enemy for free implants (ask GM if he [she] has). One implant per enemy; per success roll. Free implants have -1 in their traits (Remember, they are used implants).

Implant Surgery (TN 11, 1 target)  During a non-combat scene you may  use you own XP points to buy an implant for the target. Free implants can be use for this technique instead of your XP. (Optional: you can charge credits for the service. Remember this is a cyberpunk world everything has its price.)

Improve Implant (TN 9, 1 target) +1 to any of the implants of your choice that gives pluses (+) for 1 turn.

Hyper Sludge Syrup (TN 9, 1 target) +1 to any abilities of your choice for 1 turn.

Note: I had received an e-mail from Hiram Vazquez a week ago. He sent me a character class for Sprawl rpg. In his word "Hi, my name is Hiram Vazquez and I’m from Arecibo, Puerto Rico. I really like the work all of you are doing. I already have printed some of EP games and I enjoy playing them with my brother, my girlfriend and friends. I started a Sprawl game as a GM with some friends and I noticed that it needed a healer. So I decided to try to make a version of a healer for Sprawl. This class is a mash up of the Psychic, the Priest class from SFK, some of the maid, a bit of research from Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun and d20 Modern. I hope this lil bit of effort works well." It isn't just work well, it is GREAT STUFF!

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