03 July 2018

Metatoy System: Core Rules

Hi there, I've been on and off with Experimental Playground not because I'm ditching it but I've been creating a new RPG mechanic which I called Metatoy System (previously Nara). It's an offshoot from LARA System and adding game mechanic that I like from old and new school RPG.

So for every week after today (hopefully) I will make one post about Metatoy in this blog. Hopefully you would enjoy and even comment and/or critique on the new rpg system. Without wasting anymore time, read the core mechanic below:

clipart taken from Wizard of the Coast (without permission)


Since I love 2d6 very VERY much, I take the basic mechanic of LARA and use that as a base to create Metatoy and just like LARA when a character needs to do something that is risky, they must roll 2d6 and add relevant attribute. Meeting or exceeding designated Target Number (TN) usually imposed by the GM means success. Simple right?

Easy 5
Moderate 7
Hard 9
Tough 11
Extreme 13

You get a CRITICAL on a natural roll of 12 on 2d6; and a FUMBLE on a natural roll of 2 on 2d6. A CRITICAL is good and a FUMBLE is very bad. A CRITICAL HIT always deals double damage, obviously.

Well this is a mechanic that I saw first in Barbarian of Lemuria and many other rpg. It only became famous when D&D introduced it in their game. Which means I will use it eliminating all future modifier in the game.

When making Advantage roll, you roll 3d6 and drop the lowest. While, when making Disadvantage roll, you roll 3d6 and drop the highest. You don’t roll extra d6 if you have more Advantages, instead one Advantage neutralize one Disadvantage, so it better to have more Advantage than Disadvantage.


  1. Very well done, Rob! Metatoy is a blast! I'm tweaking with Metatoy already! In point of fact, I'm mix-/matching it up with Shatter6, a newly published free-downloadable rpg from Trollish Delver! The combination of the two is really awesome! I'm thinking about publishing it! As well as doing a Metatoy version of your awesome SFK!

    1. ah I would like to see your version of SFK!

      I've been toying Metatoy with Mutants & Machineguns. I've simplified the classes/races. The mutation here works well

  2. i wish for a complete SFK setting book

    1. you had read this yet Rafael? https://experimentalplayground.blogspot.com/2014/06/the-peninsula-sourcebooklet-for-savage.html

      This is the complete SFK setting.

  3. Just when I was wondering if there was anything new around hre ! Will wait for these blog post :)

  4. Im visiting the blog to see if you have new LARA System material, and found this new system... Good job, man... :)

    Now, Im be waiting for the complete PDF manual of METATOY!!!... XD

    1. Every week I'll update Metatoy System here. So stay tune!



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