31 July 2018

Metatoy System: Magic User Class

Akira Toriyama's artwork from Dragon Quest

It's a must to have a Magic User in a party. This class is made akin to D&D class with a different twist by using Magic Points. (I heard D&D5E uses Spell Slots that is similar to MP) 

Since I made the spells almost similar to OD&D spell, it is possible (with some kind of tweaking) to use OD&D spells for Metatoy System.

I was tempted to use Action Roll as an option for Magic Points but I guess I have to put that in the back burner.

The Sorcerer, the Spellcaster, the Gifted.

Starting class stats: 2 to Intellect or Willpower; 1, 1, 0 distributed however you wish.

Starting HP: 1d3+3

Resting: 1d6

Special Abilities

Magic Points (MP): Magic User starts with 2+Intellect MP. This is used to fuel the spell. He gains 2 more MP every level. MP can only be replenish to full when the caster takes a Long Rest.

Spells: Magic User starts with 2 level 1 spell. During level up, he may pick 1 spell level higher than his current level or 2 spells equal to or less than his current level.

Power Blood: When MP is exhausted Magic User may sacrifice his HP to cast spell.

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