07 August 2018

Metatoy System: Spells


To use spell, caster just select his known spell, reduce his MP equal to the spell’s level and – the spell happen. Target may resist the spell by making either Intellect or Willpower Save roll, the TN for it is always 7+ caster’s Intellect or Willpower depending on spell. Attacking spells need to make attack roll, you roll 2d6+ either Intellect or Willpower (description in spell will tell you) against target’s DEF.

Below here are some basic spells, GM is encouraged to make more or take some from OSR rpg, it should work similarly.

Spell Level 1

Bolt (Duration: Instant, Range: Long) 
You cast coloured bolt from finger to 1 target. Make attack roll using Intellect. If hit, target takes 1d6+1 damage.

Boost/Lower Attribute (Duration: Instant, Range: Short) Touch a target. Target either gets Advantage or Disadvantage Attribute roll for 3 rounds.

Healing (Duration: Instant, Range: Short)
Touch a target (including self) and target will heal 1d6 hp. At level 3 he will heal 1d6+1 hp, at level 6 1d6+2 hp and at level 9 1d6+3 hp.

Quickness (Duration: Instant, Range: Far)
Target gains another action.

Spell Level 2

Beast Friend (Duration: 3 rounds, Range: Far) 
Animal is not hostile to you.

Entangle (Duration: 3 rounds, Range: Far)
Target gets mental web and cannot move. Target may make Intellect or Willpower save whichever lower to break free.

Smite (Duration: 3 rounds, Range: Short)
Spell casts on a weapon. When weapon successfully deals damage, it deals 2 times the amount.

Speak Language (Duration: 3 rounds, Range: Short)
This spell allows target to speak, read and write a language other than his own.

Spell Level 3

Burst (Duration: Instant, Range: Short) 
You cast a shower of energy. All targets within Short range take 5d6 damage. Agility save for half damage.

Deflection (Duration: 3 rounds, Range: Short) 
Touch self or a target. The target deflect incoming attacks. All attacks to target are at Disadvantage.

Environment Protection (Duration: 1 scene, Range: Medium)
target is allowed to breathe, speak and move at his normal pace while in ones normally harmful environment for 1 scene.

Stun (Duration: 3 rounds, Range: Medium)
Caster casts blinding light to a target within Medium range. Target must makes Might save or be stunned. A stunned target cannot do any action.

Telekinesis (Duration: Instant, Range: Medium)
This spell grants target the ability to move a single object or creature.
  • Lifting creatures: Living target may make Willpower roll to resist or be lifted. It will be lifted for 3 rounds or until the caster is no longer there.
  • Dropping things: target who is based into wall or other solid objects suffer 1d6+Intellect damage.


  1. Wow, Rob! The Metatoy's magic system is really awesome! One can create a spell "on the fly", instantly! I lile the method OH SO very much! You're on fire! Metatoy is a blast! The magical rules are the bomb! Be fine, always! =^w^=

    1. I find the new magic system is easier and more 'player friendly'. Also, I didn't want to create everything from vaccum, just take the OSR spell, convert it and rename the spell then you get a 'new' spell!

      stay tune, bro!

  2. Love the art, as always with your games.

    This magic system is very clear and fast-forward, I think it's great. Savage Flower Kingdom magic was weird for me because the difficulty roll seamed arbitrary for each spell, so making up new one seamed uneasy. OSR comptability is great ofc.



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