14 August 2018

Metatoy System: Combat, Movement & Distance, Measuring Time

Really love them maids with rifles! If you're the author do message me!

I love combat. Very much. There's too many comics, cartoons, games and movies I watched that really triggers me to like combat. And then when I was introduced to Fighting Fantasy, everything is history.  I mean doing combat with dice! That's very new to me back then!

Below here is combat for Metatoy. It's very basic and I really like it. And just like other OSR game, take what you want and throw what you don't want.

Sometimes, adventurers must fight. When they do, the game moves into combat mode. Use the following steps to manage what you character can do in combat:

1. Determine Initiative.
2. The party that succeed Initiative acts (take one Move and one Action).
3. Enemy acts.
4. The party that failed Initiative acts.
5. Continue like this until all parties have acted.
6. The round ends. Keep the turn order for the next round if the battle has not been resolved, and start at Step 2 again.

Determine Initiative: Every PCs, make Agility roll against opponent with the highest DEF. PCs who succeed acts before opponent and PCs who failed acts after opponent.

Move: Character makes 1 move or stay. See Movement & Distance.

Action: an action is thing the character is doing on their turn. The action can take place before, during or after moving. Some possible actions a character can take:

Melee Attack: Attempt to damage an enemy. When in Close ranged, attackers make Might roll. The TN is target’s DEF. If successful, the attacker roll damage roll based on weapon used. 

Ranged Attack: When in ranged (usually Short or Medium), attackers makes Agility roll. The TN is target’s DEF. If successful, the attacker roll damage roll based on weapon used.

Note: when making ranged attack outside of their weapon’s range, they make Disadvantage attack roll.

Unarmed Attack: attacker may use Might or Agility roll (depending on type of attack) to make unarmed attack. If successful, it inflict 1d3 damage.

Grappling: is used when you want to immobilize target, pin them, and get something from them. Must be done in Close range. Make Might roll vs target’s DEF. If successful, target is pin. Each round opponent may make Might save roll (TN is grappler’s Might+7), to get away. Grappler may make Might roll to inflict 1d3 points of damage

Aiming: you take 1 round to aim to a target. Next round when making ranged attack, you roll Advantage.

Spell: Cast a spell.

Defend: you gain +2 DEF.

Move. Character makes 1 move.

Use: Use an item or object.

Movement is abstract, in ‘theatre of mind’ way. The distance is Close, Short, Medium, and Long. You need to get to Close to make melee attack. You need 1 move to get from Close to Short and 2 moves to get from Close to Medium.

Close – roughly 5 ft. 
Short – roughly 30 ft. 
Medium – roughly 60 ft. 
Long – beyond 60 ft.

Everything is measured in Turns and Rounds similar to board game and card game. Each player, NPCs or GM action is a Turn. When everyone has already taken their turns, it is considered a Round. A Scene is considered as many Rounds until it is solved.

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