25 July 2018

Metatoy System: Rogue Class

Art from Capcom's D&D Shadow Over Mystara

Rogue or Thief is a specific class that is sneaky. For those who likes to do sneaky stuff, this class is for you.

The sneaky, self-important, roguish character. 
Starting class stats: 2 to Agility or Intellect; 1, 1, 0 distributed however you wish.

Starting HP: 1d3+5

Resting: 1d6+1

Special Abilities:

Quick Reflexes: Rogue is good at avoiding hits. Rogue can impose numbers of Disadvantage roll on attack against him per combat equal to his Level.

Roguish Stuff: During non-combat scene, he gets Advantage roll for sneaking, hiding, climbing and opening locks.

Focus: Once in combat, Rogue can focus on a target. When attacking the focused target, Rogue received Advantage attack roll.

Lucky: Rogue gets +1 Luck Point and another +1 when he reaches level 5.

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