10 July 2018

Metatoy System: Attributes, Save Roll, Action Roll and Luck Points


Like Lara, Metatoy has 4 attributes. They are Might, Agility, Intellect and Willpower. See below for what they do in the game.

Might: determines toughness, physical strength, resistance to substances.
Agility: determines manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination and reflexes.
Intellect: determines knowledge, awareness and ability to memorize.
Willpower: determines tone of will, presence and ability to influence another.


A Save Roll is used to determine whether magic, poison, or various other types of attacks are effective against a character or monster.

When making saving roll, you make roll as normal using appropriate attribute against TN designated by the GM. Creature makes save roll by rolling 2d6 adding half of its HD, rounded up. Use the table below for guidance.

Might : Physical harm that cannot be dodged. Poison, disease, radiation, death.
Agility : Physical harm that can be dodged.
Intellect : Deception and illusions.
Willpower : Charming effects. Psionic abilities


There is one more mechanic used for special abilities (it could be mutation, etc). We called this the Action Roll. The special ability is scored 1 to 5, the higher the better. When asked to make an Action Roll, you roll 1d6. If you rolled equal or less than the special ability, you can still use the special ability again next turn. But, if you rolled higher than the special ability, it decreases by 1. When it reaches 0, it means the special ability is Exhausted.
There will be special instruction on how to replenish the value of the special abilities i.e maybe by taking a long rest (mutation), etc.

P/S: I took this from Solar Blade & Cosmic Spell with an okay from the author, Diogo Noguiera :) (you can see him in the list of SFK magic-users on the right). This is a d6 answer for Black Hack Usage Die. I really like the mechanic I add in Metatoy.


You can use Luck Points to affect the outcome of a battle or situation and swing the odds to your favour. Every character starts with 3 Luck Points. They are not cumulative and must be use during a session. It will replenish again at the beginning of a new session. You can use 1 Luck Point to:
  • Make 1 reroll to any roll except damage roll.
  • Perform an action or movement in any round even when it’s not the character’s turn.
  • Recover HP by making recovery roll.
  • Provide an Advantage to a single action.


  1. Regarding action roll, is there any cost to using abilities ? Or do you use it whenever you want and roll the die, until it eventually exhaust ?

    1. Also it makes me think of the Risk Dice mechanics, from Black Hack and Machiatto Monsters :)
      One of the problem I feel might happens is abilities eventually never exhausting.

    2. you use it until the ability is exhausted. This is made to emulate Black Hack usage die.

      and yes I' aware of the problem of never exhausting but it's more fun that way, nobody likes when they are out of stuff.



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