10 August 2013

Savage Flower Kingdom

Welcome to the world of Savage Flower Kingdom – where everything will try killing you for fun or dessert. Never the less, it is a strange, mystical and adventurous Kingdom with a lot of hidden treasures. Let’s go to adventure!

Designer's Note: This game is a hack of Mutants & Machine-guns for a fantasy setting. I add and remove things that I wanted in this setting such as quick combat, adding talents to differentiate the heroes, etc. I wanted to make this funny, but I don't know if I was able to deliver it because of the limited page count. Anyway,  like always feedback are welcome :)

Download the game here:


  1. Hi, Robert!
    So, you wanna some feedback on SFK...
    Well... It's pretty cool! Fast-paced, fun and flexible. Many thanks, Rob! Give us more!

  2. Thanks Anon,
    I have something in my mind for SFK expansion!



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