26 October 2008

Hobbycon Minigame Flyer

more minigame yay! this time around im twiddling around with hobbycon theme on how to make a minigame out of hobbycon minigame flyer using only availability around us (i.e coins, paper, etc). there is 3 attempt at making it, each improve one another until finally i get this one

the first: theme is actually a war game. about a bear fighting with some other mascot on whose going to be the hobbycon mascot this year. uses six sided die, and very random at it. wasn't that fun at all.
the second: change to competition event, using coins substitute to dice to generate number and uses action point to boost stats. resolution task is flip coin + action point vs difficulty of the event. turn out its kinda ugly and very very predictable. it has character generation which make setup long.
the third:the one you saw, it still a competition, instead of character generation, each player start with 10 effort points, which have different uses on each competition. each event has different style of play unlike the previous one where you only look at difficulty level. uses finger to generate numbers.

without further ado, here is hobbycon minigame flyer (download and print)

go to this page to download, click full view.


  1. alah sorry totally forgot to print this T_T

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