06 September 2014

Galaxy Conquest

Galaxy Conquest is a game where two player wage in a space war against each other. Compete to win planets. One of the players will take control of the Terran of Hammer Wing Faction and the other Kryak of Thunder Faction.

The goal of Galaxy Conquest is to be the first to win 3 planets by smartly placing your unit tokens on the planets, and utilising the abilities you acquired.

Designer note: This game is inspired by Campaign Manager board game. Also, we apologize for not releasing board game in a year (that is a loooong time). Hopefully you enjoy the game!

Galaxy Conquest v1.0
Galaxy Conquest Basic v1.0 (Brazilian-Portuguese)
Galaxy Conquest Deluxe v1.0 (Brazilian-Portuguese)
Galaxy Conquest Tuckbox
Galaxy Conquest v1.0 (French)



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