03 January 2017

LARA at drivethrurpg!

Now you can download LARA and its companion WARE HOUSE here. Download and make your own setting! Make EPgames proud!



  1. Hi there! I have downloaded the system and I must say it's the best generic ruleset , I have come across yet.

    Thank you so much and I look forward to new material for LARA.

    Regards from Goa India,
    Elton Fernandes

    1. I was thinking of doing a Larazine for new material but you have to wait on that as I'm pretty busy right now.

      You could make a new material and sell it though but you have to use the same CC-BY-SA 4.0 license

  2. LARA CORE and Ware House did certainly break the long roleplaying stuff silence! They are awesome! You (and the ubiquitous Pierrot) did it again! Fantastic! I intend to submit some classes and a few monsters to your appreciation very soon. Love the game! Greatly admire you, Sondoh-san. (Post it as an anonymous, but universally known as Gusko =^w^=) Wish you the best! Bye!

  3. Well Gusko, I will be waiting for your character class and monster soon! Also thanks for the compliment :D

  4. There is a LARA game for post-apocalypse, fantasy and cyberpunk; but you need games for horror and sci-fi as well. I remember you were working on a science fiction game for a time, but what happened?

    1. Merry Christmas Matthew!

      I did work a space opera sci fi but decided to move them to Metatoy System. There's a horror version of LARA recently done by Pierrot




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