30 October 2018

Halloween Monster: Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees
HD 8+1
DEF 10
Chainsaw (1 Close) 2d6 dmg
Improvise weapon/unarmed (1 Close) 1d6+1 dmg

Jason Voorhees generates 3hp per round and can only be damaged by magic & magical weapon. If Jason is reduced to zero hp there is a 1-4 chance in 1d6 that he come back to life with 3d6 hp. Jason can surprise his victim with 1-5 chance in 1d6. He is immune to Sleep and Charm spells.

I was reading JB Publishing this morning and his Jason came out! Why not convert this to Metatoy? So here we are, Happy Halloween everyone! *We don't celebrate it here but most of our tv shows are American show so...

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