21 July 2015

[Savage Flower Kingdom Class] Gunner

created by Marco Santaro

Gunner: Starts with 1d6+8 HP, 7 CP and pick 1 reserved skill and 1 more skill (reserved or common)

Reserved skills: 
Dual wielding (refer to Heroes Folios page 7)

Slow-mo dodge: Before attacking add a number to Def (max equal to your Combat ability score), and the attack roll(s) is lowered by the same number.

Sharpshooter: +1 to hit with firearms (+2 if mastered).

A gunner must have 1 or more of these weapons
  • Handgun 1 hand, range: 2, Dmg: d6 (on a critical hit damage x2), Pr: 5
  • Revolver 1 hand, range: 2, Dmg: d6+1 (on a critical hit damage x2). Pr: 8
  • Rifle 2 hands, ranged: 3, Dmg: d6+3 (on a critical hit damage x2), Pr:10
If the GM permits, instead of tracking each ammo. If your character FUMBLE when rolling to hit, the GM can rule out that the character is out of ammo or the weapon is jammed (it can be fixed by taking the next action by making a physical or mental roll (TN7) whichever higher). If your character has 'reload', you may ignore the fumble and continue to use your weapon.
  • Reload Pr:5

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