06 June 2015

Metal Quest

Metal Quest is set in unknown number of years after the end of modern civilization. The survivors clustered into villages and began to live among the ruins, and those who fought the monsters and robots outside became known as hunters.

You are one of them. Your job is to complete quest, trade and upgrade your vehicle in order to defeat monsters and outlaws and collect bounties on them.

Designer's note: This game was inspired by Metal Max and Metal Saga RPG (look it up) and the recent Mad Max Fury Road movie. This game is also a retheme of Mini Quest with different mechanic. Anyone who played that should understand this game better. I wanted to do this game for quite sometime too. Also this is the first game where component is way a lot than other EPgames boardgame. But anyway, download it now! Also please, PLEASE tell me if there is something wrong about the mechanic, languages and all. Thank you.

Metal Quest v1.3
Metal Quest v1.3 (Portuguese-Brazil)
Metal Quest v1.4
Metal Quest v1.4 (Portuguese-Brazil)
Metal Quest v1.4 (Spanish)


  1. Beautiful. The cars look so could i wish they were models. Ever thought on porting your games to Tabletop Simulator? http://store.steampowered.com/app/286160/

    1. No. Not because I do not want but because I do not have the skill to do so. Tabletop Simulator looks fun though.

  2. Haha, I recognize one of the enemies from metal max, nice

  3. believe it or not. I am number 1 fan of Metal Max even though they had never officially translated the game in English at all! (except for Metal Saga). If the time is right, I might do a Metal Quest rpg using LARA system.



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