22 January 2020

Kosmos RPG: design diary part 1

Hi, there. As you may have read from a previous post (actually ancient post) I had been meaning to release Starfarers-Kosmos a sci-fi space opera RPG for a very long, long time now. I thought of using class system from Savage Flower Kingdom, LARA or Metatoy but somehow, there are too many species that players and GMs can make. These systems cannot hold it, I refuse to make one alien class to cater all the aliens.

So I try to find a system that can do this. Enter Macchiato Monsters, I had this RPG for quite sometimes but doesn't actually read it until a few months ago. The character making system is what I was looking for. It's classless and can actually make character you want including alien!

So I've been tweaking it and fusing it with Metatoy as both use OSR-like system and also because of six-sided dice (the only dice sold here).

Well, nothing happen because it clicked, I have network of RPG designers and players to help me! A lot of them comes from EPGames FAN facebook including Khairul Hisham and Rafael Beltrame. Thanks, guys!

Below are some characters I made using the system I made, just to make sure that it can. Oh, Rafael made Chompbacca a sidekick pilot. Please enjoy!

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