15 September 2008

Battle Mechanica - Overview of the Game, Part 1

*Note: I have changed the name of this game to Battle Mechanica, since the name Battlefield has been extensively trademarked and copyrighted by EA.*

This post is a continuation from my previous post
here. In this post, I shall present an overview of play in Battle Mechanica. Please bear in mind that this is a Work-In-Progress, which means that the game is still incomplete and is subject to change at any time by the designer.

All units have a profile that represent their abilities in this game. Below is an example of a unit's Attributes, with a brief explaination on each:

The unit's fighting ability in both ranged and hand-to-hand combat, as well as defending themselves in said situation.

The unit's hardiness, which determines the unit's ability to withstand injuries.

The unit's ability to think on its feet. It is the sum of their intelligence, wits, psychological well-being, leadership quality and discipline as a single unit.

The unit's movement in inches.

Special Ability
The unit's special ability, such as Flight and Cavalry Charge. If they have any special equipment (magic weapons for instance), it is counted as Special Ability as well.

The unit's combat experience. The more experience the unit has, the stronger they are.

Stay tune for Part 2 of this article. In the meanwhile, check out Lee Hng's
JEP1 and Rob-Jr's Dwarf Tactics, two other experimental tabletop games currently in development. Please leave some comments while you're there!

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Battle Mechanicum by Daniel Marcus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

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