29 September 2008

Battle Mechanica Progress Update (29/09/08)

This is just a progress update for Battle Mechanica. Please bear in mind that this is a Work In Progress (WIP), which means that the game is incomplete and is subject to change at any time by the designer.

Hello again, everyone. Just doing a small update. This game has undergone constant rules re-writing since my first post in November, though nothing significant. Anyways, here is the update on this game.

  1. Combat still uses simple attribute comparison, but now a new system is added to resolve Combat faster: The Hit Zone system. The Hit Zone is a universal system that determines how many casualties can be inflicted on a unit. Simply put, if an enemy unit is within your unit's Hit Zone, then they can become the target of its attack. But it goes both ways - if your unit is within enemy unit Hit Zone, then it can become the target of their attack.
  2. Added three types of range attack: Missile (direct long-range attack), Barrage (indirect long-range attack) and Burst (variable-range area attack). Burst can also be combined with either Missile or Barrage.
  3. Melee Combat is now known as Hand-to-Hand Combat. Just reflecting my preference, that's all. Nothing significant.
  4. Added to the core rules on how to determine Casualties, which rely on the Hit Zone system.
That's all for now. I'll post more info next week. In the meanwhile, you might want to checkout my digg profile and see the stuff that I dugg recently. Or follow me on Twitter and tweet "Hi" to me.

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