20 December 2013

[Savage Flower Kingdom Bestiary] Polar Wolf

created by Matthew Urquhart

Combat 3 
Ability 2 
Defence 9 
HP 30 
Damage Bite (1d6+1)

Polar wolves are to wolves, what polar bears are to bears. They are normally found in mountains and forests of the far northern realms. Nearly twice the size of a southern wolf, they have black hide covered with pure white to pale yellow fur. Their eyes are an icy blue or white. As polar wolf fur is highly prized by men, they tend to attack much more often than their smaller cousins to the south.

Monster skill: [Flanking] +1 to attack roll when attacking a target along with one or more attacker with Flanking. This effect is not cumulative. 


  1. Wow, you're really on a roll with these wolves-in-sheeps-clothing creatures! This one resembles an actual wolf wearing a wooly sheep costume.

  2. this is not my idea though, this is Matthew Urquhart :)

  3. I did indeed notice--but nice to have them in a row. I'm interested to see what's next. Love the drawing, as always.



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