04 December 2013

[Savage Flower Kingdom Bestiary] Goblin Cat

Combat 1
Ability 0
Defence 6
HP 5
Damage Stonecraft weapon (1d6)

A bunch of mischievous cat like creatures that inhabit the forest. They wear animal skin for armour and a skull for helmet and usually wield a crude weapon made from stones. They always hunt in group of 3-4. Mostly hunt smaller animal like boars or snails.

Monster skill: [Flanking] +1 to attack roll when attacking a target along with one or more attacker with Flanking. This effect is not cumulative.

Designer's Note: If you haven't notice already  - I add another stats called 'Ability' which represents the monster's average of Physical, Mental and Social abilities. Use this whenever the GM asked for Physical, Mental or Social test.


  1. I love this game and your art! Thank you!

  2. Are all of the Flower Kingdom resources published in one volume or is this in the works?



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