13 December 2013

[Savage Flower Kingdom Class] Maid

Maid: Starts with 1d6+10 HP, 6 CP and picks 2 skills. A maid must have a master (pick one party member). She serves the master to death and must protect the master at all cost or else she will suffer -4 to all her roll. She also gets to pick one of the skills below for free:

Throw! During combat maid can throw 1 or more items to a target. Make a combat roll against target DEF. If you're successful, roll 1d6 plus number of item thrown for damage.

Make a Sandwich! During a non-combat scene you may make a sandwich. Reduce 1 item/1 HP and choose which sandwich you wanted to create and make a Social roll against the sandwich TN. Choripán Sandwich (TN 7, when consume heals 1d6 HP) or Barros Jarpa Sandwich (TN 7, when consume recovers 1d6 MP) or Vegemite Sandwich (TN 9, when consume gives a different result, see table below).

This sandwich is rotten and bad. If consume, -1d6 HP
Similar to Choripán Sandwich
Similar to Barros Jarpa Sandwich
This sandwich give the user 1 random skill for 1 scene. The skill is forgotten after that scene.


  1. A character class that makes sandwiches? Now that's cool. That's got to be the best skill ever. Vegemite, bleh! There isn't enough food-related material in RPGs in my opinion.

  2. I agree. They usually don't talk about food but have no fear because The Sandwich and Lunchbox meal are there for flavouring! And usually people like food because of the flavour :) Anyway, stay tune for one more class and a few monster! If you have any suggestion please don't be afraid to ask.

  3. Haha I really like this. I think the Vegemite can be added to her attack as a bonus as possibly a "magic" attack. If successful, it causes the enemy to become disoriented due to watery eyes and a briefly stopped-up olfactory or faint on a critical.

  4. thanks for the suggestion, maybe a new skill should be good such as this one

    Throwing Item! During combat maid can throw 1 or more items to a target. Make a combat roll against target DEF. If you're successful, for each item roll 1d6 for damage.

    You know what I really love this!

  5. does "pick one of these skills for free" mean in addition to the 2 other skills?



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