15 December 2013

[Savage Flower Kingdom Class] Priest

Priest: Starts with 1d6+10 HP, 6 MP, 8 CP and picks 3 prayers. 

During advancement you may spend 3 XP to gain 1 new prayer.
To make a prayer, reduce 1 MP and make a Social roll against the prayer TN.

Bless (TN 9, 1 target) +1 to any abilities of your choice for 1 turn.

Bless All (TN 11, many target) all ally +1 to any abilities of your choice for 1 turn. Requirement: Must pick Bless prayer first before acquiring this prayer.

Blind (TN 13, many targets) 1d6 target is blind for 1d6 turn. Targets cannot move or attack during those turn.

Create Food (TN 7) create a meal. If consume it will heal 1d6 HP.

Create Holy Water  (TN 7) create holy water. Holy water when sprinkle (melee) to an undead target, it will suffer 1d6 damage.

Detect Magic (TN 7) Caster detects magic around him/her.

Detect Undead (TN7) Caster detects undead around him/her

Glow (TN 7, 1 target) Caster touches an item or person and makes it glow for 1d6 turns.

Healing (TN7, 1 target) the target heals 1d6 HP.

Purify Food or Water (TN 7) purify food from poison or strange anomaly.

Smite Beast (TN11, beastly target) when this spell is cast, beastly creature suffers 2d6 damage.

Smite Undead (TN11, 1 undead target) when this spell is cast, undead creature suffers 2d6 damage.


  1. Do you plan to release a book version containing all these new classes?

  2. I am planning to release a book, but I was thinking of publishing it in pdf maybe somewhere through drivethrurpg. I had a couple of illustrator interested in the project. If everything goes well, you might see the book next year.

    Thank you for asking :)

  3. Love the artwork! I also noticed it wasn't released on RPGGeek so I was wondering if you were going to be releasing stuff here (and-or drivethru by the looks of it).

  4. The book will be release via drivethru if everything is according to planl.
    The support material though will be released here up until savage flower kingdom blog is done.

  5. Great stuff Robertson, keep it coming!



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