10 April 2013

Mutants & Machine-guns

For newer version of Mutants & Machine-guns v3, go here

Legend says that long ago, so long that no one know was living then, terrible wars swept the civilized world, leaving vast wastelands where no man can live.

Before the wars began, man was ruler of the earth. But one result of the terrible wars was that creatures rose from the ashes of the unknown. The genes of the earth's animals and plants were altered, until strange, new creatures arose - creatures of the awesome power and fierceness and often great intelligence.

You have lived all your years among such creatures and among the strange artifacts - inexplicable, often dangerous- of the Ancients who created this now devastated civilization whose ruins you live among the world of Mutants & Machine-guns!

Designer's Note: This is Experimental Playground's first RPG so it will be different from the other product we produce, it is NOT a board game. Anyone who doesn't know what RPG is can go here for more explanation. Since we pretty much introduce board gaming to wide audience maybe we should write down something similar for RPG. For now please enjoy Mutants & Machine-guns!

If you do not have any idea about pocketmod, visit this place http://www.pocketmod.com/

Version history
Version 1.1
-Added in initiative rules
-Add critters

Version 1.2
-Fixed the stats description
-Lower TN difficulty by 1
-Full rest recovers full hp
-Standardise weapon & armour table
-Pocketmod version available

Version 1.3
-Took out additional eyes mutation
-Rewrite critical success & fumble rules
-Change and rewrite initiative rules

Version 1.3.1
-Change the paragraph font (Calibri;size 20)

Version 2.0
-Renaming the stats now called abilities
-Adding tokens, battlefield, character sheet (more like Experimental Playground huh)
-Change damage system and improved combat system
-Improved mutations

Download the game here
Mutants & Machine-guns v1.3
Mutants & Machine-guns pocketmod v1.3
Mutants & Machine-guns v1.3 (Spanish)
Mutantes & Ametralladoras v1.3 (Spanish)
Mutantes & Ametralladoras pocketmod v1.3 (Spanish)
Mutants & Machine-guns v1.3 (French)
Mutants & Machine-guns pocketmod v1.3 (French)
Mutants & Machine-guns v1.3.1
Mutants & Machine-guns pocketmod v1.3.1
Mutants and Machine-guns v2
Mutants and Machine-guns pocketmod v2
Mutants and Machine-guns v2 (Spanish)

or go to Mutants & Machine-guns v3 (draft)


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