17 March 2011

Ninja vs Robot

Ninja vs Robot is a fast playing solo game for ages 7+. Player take on a role of a ninja who is the only to witness the coming of the invader, the robots. The robots will do anything to destroy the castle. It is up to you now to race to the castle to alarm the king for the coming of the robots. Player will battle with all kinds of robots to reach the castle, so until you reach the castle winning a battle does not mean you win the game.

The game uses a simple rules to let player to be easily immerse into the Robot invading twisted oriental world. Player will attack using a unique dice mechanic that will enable player to make combos to destroy an army of robots. The game also uses a Ninja Point system that lets player to change the battle into their own style.

You only need 2 six sided-dice and a cutting tool.

Download the game here


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