13 February 2013

Planet Run

You are Captain Xavier Mertz pilot of the ship Yamato. One day while cruising your ship was hit by asteroids and you landed on Planet Run. You need to find the resources to fix your ship while trying to survive from dying of hunger!

Planet Run is a solo worker placement game where you becomes an astronaut exploring the planet to find resources to fix your ship. You need to survive by hunting for food. Food you eat will determine how much energy dice you will get on the next turn. You may construct gadget to help you in your task. On turn 15, you must launch your ship!

Designer note: We were trying to emulate the game Terraria with a lot of scenario based game but somehow like the usual it got simplified. We change the theme because building castle isn't really as fun as fixing the ship and fly!

Download the game here
Planet Run version 1.0
Planet Run (Brazil-Portuguese version)
Planet Run (Russian version)


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