16 December 2014

The Darklands: Savage Flower Kingdom

To the south of the peninsula, when you follow the coast for many miles, you start to witness changes… The earth turns black with dark grey rocks ; the vegetation becomes rare and weak, most of the plants have thorns and exude poisonous venom ; fauna seems rare, but at night, just after the ring of light of your fire, you can hear footsteps that won’t match any paw you know. Then the sky itself begins to get darker, not as in black, as in it’s gonna rain, but it doesn’t. Clouds get bigger, and seems so low you can nearly touch them; a never ending night follows an everlasting day, but you cannot see any stars in the sky, only the dark moon, Olgidalia, subject of many terrible legends, shining its dim, cold light on the rocky slopes of the mesas. And then you see the gates, ruined and ancient. There you are.

Welcome to the dark lands.

Designer notes: One more time Pierrot did a sourcebooklet The Darklands. Thanks man. It is time to dive in the darker side of Savage Flower Kingdom.

The Darklands - SFK sourcebooklet

28 September 2014

[Mutants & Machine-guns] Vehicle Rules

Cover Illustration taken from Larry Elmore

Designer's note: I've modified a lot of the vehicle rules from MuMa v3 draft and put it in this pocketmod. Now you can build your vehicle and do a chase combat just for the fun of it. This should be compatible with Mutants & Machine-guns v2.

Vehicle Rules
Vehicle Rules (pocketmod)

19 September 2014

[Savage Flower Kingdom Bestiary] Bile

Created by Matthew Urquhart
Illustrated by David Lucena

HP 12 per square meter 
Damage Acid (1d6-1)

A disgusting reddish blob, covered with hairy warts and pus-filled blisters. They envelope their prey to absorb them like single-celled lifeforms. 20 year old Biles are horse-sized. Some grow large enough to gain intelligence and sometimes even worshipers!

Monster Skill: [Envelope] On a successful attack, roll 1d6. If the result is odd it  enveloped the victim! During his turn, he must make a Physical  roll against TN of 9 to free himself; if failed, he receives 1d6-1 damage. 

06 September 2014

Galaxy Conquest

Galaxy Conquest is a game where two player wage in a space war against each other. Compete to win planets. One of the players will take control of the Terran of Hammer Wing Faction and the other Kryak of Thunder Faction.

The goal of Galaxy Conquest is to be the first to win 3 planets by smartly placing your unit tokens on the planets, and utilising the abilities you acquired.

Designer note: This game is inspired by Campaign Manager board game. Also, we apologize for not releasing board game in a year (that is a loooong time). Hopefully you enjoy the game!

Galaxy Conquest v1.0
Galaxy Conquest Basic v1.0 (Brazilian-Portuguese)
Galaxy Conquest Deluxe v1.0 (Brazilian-Portuguese)
Galaxy Conquest Tuckbox
Galaxy Conquest v1.0 (French)

02 September 2014

[Savage Flower Kingdom] Scuttler Leaves

Created and Illustrated by Brian Bird


Small to Major size savage flower.  Scuttler leaves are named for their movement and appearance as they appear and move like regular non-carnivorous leaves.  Through camouflage and stealthy movement they wait for or pursue their prey.  Attacks vary on the size of the scuttler leaves.


Smaller leaves attack with slashing attacks, aiming for ankles and Achilles heels.  Although they seem to be very dangerous, they are vulnerable to fire.

[Entangle] The scuttler leave can entangle a person or creature, and try to crush it. If it does so, the person is unable to attack; for each turn, the scuttler leaf does 1 damage. When he meets the persons HP, the person goes unconscious,

[Swallow] Victim who comes across this monster must make a physical roll against TN 10 to resist. If the victim fails, this monster will successfully swallow him. Each turn he must make a physical roll against TN of 10 to free himself. If fail, he receives 2 damage from crushing and slashing

27 August 2014

[Savage Flower Kingdom Bestiary] Loper

Created by Matthew Urquhart
Illustrated by Santiago Kamerbeek

Combat 2
Ability 2
Defence 7
HP 20
Damage Headbutt (1d6)

Lopers are popular beasts of burden that look like large, scaly kangaroos with the head and mindset of mountain goats. Their splayed, clawed digits also mean they can climb almost as well as a humanoid, even when being ridden! The Loper's sweet milk and ease of domestication make them especially popular. Road lopers are tan to brown colored with pale underbellies, and are found in and around most settlements. Rock lopers are found in the mountainous areas, and have white to gray fur with pale underbellies. Sand lopers are the scalier cousins found in arid or dry areas. They are often light brown to rust brown in color. War lopers (specially trained to fight with fore-claws) are very expensive, but occasionally worth it.

Monster skill: [Climbing] +1 to Ability rolls when climbing in native terrain.

21 August 2014

The Hammer of Teeth

This is a scenario for Savage Flower Kingdom from Brian Richmond and illustrated by Peter Violini. Both which do awesome stuff. Go download the scenario now! I mean it, NOW! I really want to run this now...


16 August 2014

[Savage Flower Kingdom Bestiary] Kobold

KOBOLD (created by Pierrot)
A small dog creature living in the mountains. They are weak, but they are maaaaany (usually party will encounter number of player + 1d6 kobolds). Sometime 2 in 6 chance, a hunting group is followed by a shaman.

Combat 0            
Ability 1
Defence 6            
HP 2
Damage Bite (d6-1), Mace (1d6)

[Shaman] If a shaman is present, he will have 3 MP and can cast the following spells:
Boost (TN7): All kobolds in the fight get +1 to their Initiative rolls until the end of the fight.
Alarm (TN10) Invoke d6 more Kobolds.
Fury (TN9) All Kobolds in the fight get +1 to their combat rolls until the end of the fight.

DONAM KOBOLD as a class (created by Richard Hendrick)
Kobolds lived in Donam Forests before The Vegebattle. When the forests became barren they adapted themselves in Donam Desserts,some lives coexist in cities with humans and dwarves. They’re having a hard time wearing iron and steel armor mainly because no one makes it for them and it’s just too heavy. They are cute and usually can get away from any trouble.

Starting  Kobold  gets
HP:  1d6+10
CP:  8
MP:  2
Skill: Lucky One


Designer's note: I prefer if everyone uses d6 as a probability equipment. So a 2 in 6 chance would mean if you roll a 1 or 2 on a d6, that thing will happen.1 in 6 chance mean it will happen on a roll of 1, etc.

22 July 2014

[Savage Flower Kingdom Bestiary] Fathom Phantom

Created by Matthew Urquhart
Illustrated by Nathanael Patrick

Combat 2
Ability 2
Defence 9
HP 20
Damage Spear (1d6) or Sword (1d6)

Fishy, frog-like humanoids from the deep; These creatures are alien to mankind and often trade with decadent fishing villages and even mate with their women to create more of themselves. They favor tridents and nets and carry gold items for trade.

Monster skill: [Amphibious] Can operate equally well in sea-water or on land.

09 June 2014

The Peninsula: A Sourcebooklet for Savage Flower Kingdom RPG

This is my tribute to Advanced Fighting Fantasy Fan out there

The world of Savage Flower Kingdom is an extremely dangerous place. Mankind and its allies huddle in fortified settlements, from beyond the castle walls the wild lands stretch across The Peninsula. Savage flower and monsters roam at will in search of food. Evil sorcerers and wizards ready their inhuman armies for battle. With The Boss awakening from his slumber in the depth of The Dungeon, The Master is still at large on Peril Island, and remnants of the plant army roaming the land, The Peninsula is more than ever in need of heroes to defend it! Let’s go to adventure!

Designer notes: I received an email from Pierrot (French translator and also creator expansion for many of EP games). So I received a document full of a combination lore of EP previous games such as Mini Quest, 21 Turn Hero, Banana Village, Ninja vs Robot to name a few in one booklet and compiled in one game that is Savage Flower Kingdom RPG. I was surprised of how creative can one man be. For that I want to thank Pierrot for creating such sourcebook for SFK. Thank you so very much! I do hope everyone else is also having fun with this sourcebook! I know I did :)

As for the cover. It is actually an unused cover for SFK version 2, which I really think fits this time around. More stuff for SFK are coming, so stay tune!

Download the sourcebooklet here:

11 May 2014

[WIP] Metal Quest

Here are some of the concept for the new Metal Quest board game, finally a board game for quite sometime. When it is in beta phase, will you playtest it?

09 March 2014

Mutants & Machine-guns version 3 (Draft)

Long, long time ago before the wars began, man was ruler of the earth. But one result of the terrible wars was that creatures rose from the ashes of the unknown. The genes of the earth's animals and plants were altered, until strange, new creatures arose - creatures of the awesome power and fierceness and often great intelligence.

You have lived all your years among such creatures and among the strange artefacts - inexplicable, often dangerous- of the Ancients who created this now devastated civilization whose ruins you live among the world of Mutants & Machine-guns!

Designer's Note: I finally made a draft for version 3 of MuMa (Mutants & Machine-guns)! I do hope people would playtest this rules and give feedback to me here or in facebook. The cover isn't finish though - I should have scanned the pencil version before inking it (drats!). Anyway please enjoy and do give feedback to improve this game :)

version 3.1 improve upon a few things
-smaller font for easier printing and booklet version for saving your ink cartridge!
-revise character points, everyone started low now.
-revise combat ability.
-add critters creation.
-drive is now control.

Mutants & Machine-guns v3 (draft)
Mutants & Machine-guns v3.1 (draft)
Mutants & Machine-guns v3.1 booklet (draft)

01 January 2014

[Savage Flower Kingdom Bestiary] Cthonic Wyrm

Created by Matthew Urquhart
Illustrated by Brian Richmond

Combat 3
Ability 1
Defence 10
HP 90
Damage Flame breath (2d6)

A huge, dark, worm like creature with a face full of writhing tentacles, this terror is thankfully quite rare. Cthonic Wyrms are often mistaken for dragons, hydras, even gorgons by the unwise and are rumored to be a curse on the land from dark and ancient gods. The beast travels underground, bursting up on prey. It then curls back it's tentacles, revealing a sucker-like, many-toothed maw that spews forth a flammable gas that petrifies those who breath it.

Monster skill: [Petrification] On a successful attack, roll 1d6. If the result is odd it may paralyze the victim! During his turn, he must make a Physical roll against TN of 7; if failed, he cannot move for the rest of combat.


Designer's note: Well it is new year! This should be good for a new year post. This time Cthonic Wyrm which is created by Matthew Urquhart and illustrated by Brian Richmond of http://numberappearing.blogspot.com which I really like the illustration. His illustration rocks! Hopefully more and more people would contribute for Savage Flower Kingdom!


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