25 May 2016

Character Sheet for Savage Flower Kingdom and Sprawl

Wild Wednesday here! These are character sheet for Savage Flower Kingdom and Sprawl. I took the design from Sam Mameli's B/X Character Sheet because it was nice, clean and organize. I thought it would also be nice for SFK and Sprawl's character sheet, so I took it. I redesign some stuff though. Sam if you reading this, I am sorry I took it - it was so damn nice!

Also I've added Sprawl translated in Spanish by Hiram Vazquez.

Stay tune for next week's Wild Wednesday!

You can find all links in each individual page or just go to download and go to each individual page.

21 May 2016

New Logos for EPgames!

Unless you haven't go to epgames FB what I've written here is the same thing. If you haven't, read on!

A fortnight ago, Pierrot and me talked about the name of SFK game mechanic. Pierrot suggested something simple like Basic rpg or Unisystem. So I gave these 2
Asas rpg (means basic in Malay)
Penglipur Lara (means storyteller in Malay)
Asas rpg is quite nice but I am scared people called it Ass rpg which is kinda bad and stupid (LOL). So we picked penglipur lara but it was too long, we shorten it to LARA. Lara system will get a mascot of a girl of somekind eventually in the future but for now you guys get only a logo which will be use in future rpg made by experimental playground using sfk game mechanic.
The new ep logo I made along with Lara system, just because I had my momentum. Talk about hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. 2 HIT COMBO!
What do you think of these new ep logos?

18 May 2016

[Sprawl Class] TechDoc

created by Hiram Vazquez

TechDoc: In the 21 st century you have a “simple” job, you’re the one that everyone calls when someone needs medical assistance, a new implant or when the microwave stopped working. TechDoc starts with 1d6+8 HP, picks 2 medtechs and 1 implant.

Medical Techniques (Medtechs)
During advancement you may spend 3 XP to gain 1 new medtech.
You can use Medtechs whenever it is your turn. You need to make a mental roll against the medtech’s TN. If you fail, the technique is not done and your turn ends.

Patch Up (TN 7, 1 target) the target heals 1d6 HP.

Patch Up All (TN 11, 3 targets) 3 target heal 1d6 HP.
Requirement: Must pick Patch Up medtech first before acquiring this medtech.

Create Medstim (TN 9)  During a non-combat scene you may create a medstim. Reduce 1 item/1HP, and then 1 medstim is created. Use it to heal 1d6 HP.

Scavenge (TN 13, 1 target) After a combat you may search target dead enemy for free implants (ask GM if he [she] has). One implant per enemy; per success roll. Free implants have -1 in their traits (Remember, they are used implants).

Implant Surgery (TN 11, 1 target)  During a non-combat scene you may  use you own XP points to buy an implant for the target. Free implants can be use for this technique instead of your XP. (Optional: you can charge credits for the service. Remember this is a cyberpunk world everything has its price.)

Improve Implant (TN 9, 1 target) +1 to any of the implants of your choice that gives pluses (+) for 1 turn.

Hyper Sludge Syrup (TN 9, 1 target) +1 to any abilities of your choice for 1 turn.

Note: I had received an e-mail from Hiram Vazquez a week ago. He sent me a character class for Sprawl rpg. In his word "Hi, my name is Hiram Vazquez and I’m from Arecibo, Puerto Rico. I really like the work all of you are doing. I already have printed some of EP games and I enjoy playing them with my brother, my girlfriend and friends. I started a Sprawl game as a GM with some friends and I noticed that it needed a healer. So I decided to try to make a version of a healer for Sprawl. This class is a mash up of the Psychic, the Priest class from SFK, some of the maid, a bit of research from Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun and d20 Modern. I hope this lil bit of effort works well." It isn't just work well, it is GREAT STUFF!

07 May 2016

Porca Mamma

Something strange is happening lately.
Convoys are being attacked by a new band of porkers.
They have much greater numbers and much better tactics than usual.
It's starting to look like a real army, and it's a matter of time before they start attacking settlements.
They call themselves Porca Mamma Revolutionary Army.

Note: This is a supplement for Mutants & Machineguns by Iván González and he delivers it well. Thanks man. If you like Mad Max Fury Road, this could be Mutants & Machineguns version of it. Let's just say that instead of Immorten Joe you got Porca Mamma and the war boys are Porkers. I really like this idea so much! BIG THANK YOU to Ivan Gonzalez! Happy playing!

Download here
Porca Mamma


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