18 November 2010

Escape of the Dead

You are a survivor of a zombie apocalypse and you're stuck on a house with a useless car and hordes of zombies attacking from the lawn. But wait, you found a tool enough to fix the car to escape the hordes of zombies. ARE YOU READY FOR IT?

In the game you are trying to fix the car while defending yourself against hordes of zombies. You're given 4 Action dice per turn, distribute between 3 sections of the game (either by shooting zombie, fixing the barricade and/or fixing the car). Roll for success on each section. Any zombie that survived will attack the barricade. When you successfully killed 10 zombies you will be rewarded with power-up. You lose when your barricade is down (i.e barricade's hp equals zero). You win when the car is fixed 100%.

You need 4 six sided-dice, a pencil and an eraser for book keeping.

Download the game here
EOTD version 1.00
EOTD version 1.02
EOTD portable version

Escape of the Dead in other language
EOTD (Español)
EOTD (Català)
EOTD cut out version (Hungarian)
EOTD pencil version (Hungarian)
EOTD (French)
EOTD (Japanese)
EOTD (Chinese)
EOTD (Portuguese-Brazilian)

10 November 2010

Horde of the Dead

You are Giraffe the hero of this game and you arrived in a small inn. Suddenly during the night something was attacking the inn. It’s a horde of ZOMBIES!!!. Nobody survive except you and the inn keeper’s daughter, Mari-chan. Survive the game in 3 nights without anyone dying.

This game is inspired by the genre tower of defense, where a horde of zombie, comes and attack the inn wave by wave. You job is to control Giraffe, Mari-chan and occasionally Dogmeat by moving them through the inn, defending against the zombies, set barricade, buy stuff to upgrade and protecting Mari-chan while surviving yourself.

You need at least 1 six sided-die (the more the faster the game goes), 4 counters(different kind or colour) in which 1 of them represent zombie (which you need at least 7), a pencil and an eraser to jot down equipment, hp, bp and so on.

Download the game here
Download version 1.1 here

NOTE: You can also play the version 2 of the game below
Horde of the Dead version 2

06 November 2010

Village Run

Banana village is having its annual run and there is a new challenger competing in town. And that challenger is YOU. But you are not the only one who hunger for the run's cup.

Village Run is a 2 or more player game where each player is runner competing for the village run's cup. Players will smartly manage their speed during the game using a new and unique game engine designed for the game to become the run's champion.

All you need to play:
* 1 six sided die
* 2 tokens for each player (1 for the runner and 1 for speed token)
* and the FREE and PRINTABLE Board(including therules).

Download the game
Village Run (English Version)
Village Run (Russian Version)
Village Run (French Version)

This is one made by Jason Sondoh and illustrate by Robertson Sondoh Jr


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