18 November 2010

Escape of the Dead

You are a survivor of a zombie apocalypse and you're stuck on a house with a useless car and hordes of zombies attacking from the lawn. But wait, you found a tool enough to fix the car to escape the hordes of zombies. ARE YOU READY FOR IT?

In the game you are trying to fix the car while defending yourself against hordes of zombies. You're given 4 Action dice per turn, distribute between 3 sections of the game (either by shooting zombie, fixing the barricade and/or fixing the car). Roll for success on each section. Any zombie that survived will attack the barricade. When you successfully killed 10 zombies you will be rewarded with power-up. You lose when your barricade is down (i.e barricade's hp equals zero). You win when the car is fixed 100%.

You need 4 six sided-dice, a pencil and an eraser for book keeping.

Download the game here
EOTD version 1.00
EOTD version 1.02
EOTD portable version

Escape of the Dead in other language
EOTD (Español)
EOTD (Català)
EOTD cut out version (Hungarian)
EOTD pencil version (Hungarian)
EOTD (French)
EOTD (Japanese)
EOTD (Chinese)
EOTD (Portuguese-Brazilian)


  1. Hi,
    Thanks to a podcast I recently discover your blog and the Spanish version of this game.
    Its awesome.
    Great Job guys!!

  2. Hi there,
    Thank you for playing our games :D
    We do hope that you had fun playing it!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.



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