18 May 2017

Road Warrior

Road Warrior
Pet Name given to character who can drive greatly using ground vehicle. They sacrifice their health just to modify their vehicle as good as possible.

HP: 1d6+8
Skill: Pick 2
Reserved skill:
[Ace Driver] Always roll advantage whenever manoeuvring ground vehicle. (If opponent vehicle is faster than pc vehicle, they still roll advantage).
[HFS]* +1(+1 more) to any one ability. Ability score cannot go above the value of 3 for starting character.
[Radiation Resistance] roll advantage whenever dealing with radiation roll.
Tech Adapt: roll advantage whenever interacting or operating computer, ancient tech and robot.

Starting Equipment: 15 VP vehicle, shotgun (3d6, always burst Ammo: Lots TN:5) and Light Armour (+1 DEF)


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