16 December 2014

The Darklands: Savage Flower Kingdom

To the south of the peninsula, when you follow the coast for many miles, you start to witness changes… The earth turns black with dark grey rocks ; the vegetation becomes rare and weak, most of the plants have thorns and exude poisonous venom ; fauna seems rare, but at night, just after the ring of light of your fire, you can hear footsteps that won’t match any paw you know. Then the sky itself begins to get darker, not as in black, as in it’s gonna rain, but it doesn’t. Clouds get bigger, and seems so low you can nearly touch them; a never ending night follows an everlasting day, but you cannot see any stars in the sky, only the dark moon, Olgidalia, subject of many terrible legends, shining its dim, cold light on the rocky slopes of the mesas. And then you see the gates, ruined and ancient. There you are.

Welcome to the dark lands.

Designer notes: One more time Pierrot did a sourcebooklet The Darklands. Thanks man. It is time to dive in the darker side of Savage Flower Kingdom.

The Darklands - SFK sourcebooklet


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