26 December 2016

LARA will be coming soon to drivethrurpg!

This will be available in drivethrurpg/rpgnow in a few days (maybe a week since it is Christmas). The RPG will be Pay-What-You-Want so that everyone could play it. Also it will be release using CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. That means everyone could make and sell RPG using it. Hopefully when it is release everyone would enjoy it! 

Note: I will post a link here when the game is out later

20 December 2016

What's cooking, doc?

Sorry for those who are waiting. We are currently brewing something up, a boardgame and rpg core booklet. Coming soon!

30 August 2016

LARA Vehicle Combat Rules


At the beginning of chase combat every vehicle make a manoeuvre roll (2d6 +  drive skill + vehicle's Move bonus) trying to get better position. Loser gets a +1 bonus for the next manoeuvre rolls and it is cumulative until he wins. You can represent that +1 as tokens or coins for easy reference.
The winner picks one of the options below:

ATTACK Player rolls 2d6 + gunner skill + vehicle's Combat bonus. If the result is equal or higher than target’s DEF, the attack hits. Roll weapon damage and apply it to target’s HP.

CLOSE Player move close to target vehicle. If he wins manoeuvre roll next turn he can RAM the target vehicle or attack using PERSONAL WEAPON to occupant.

DISENGAGED Player disengaged from chasing. If he wins manoeuvre rolls next turn he can ESCAPE.

ESCAPE Player escape from the chase.

RAM You ram target vehicle! Roll d6 equal to your vehicle's Physical and apply it to target vehicle’s HP. While, target vehicle rolls d6 half his vehicle's Physical score and apply it to your vehicle's HP. If you wins manoeuvre rolls next turn, you can RAM once more.

PERSONAL WEAPON Make an attack roll. Victim must be in target vehicle car and he received DEF bonus of the vehicle he is in when attacked.

When the winner had taken his turn, all vehicle make manoeuvre roll once again. Repeat until one side loses.

When that happens, someone (usually the driver) make a 1d6 roll on the Oh, My Vehicle! table below.

Oh, My Vehicle! Table
Vehicle blows up destroying everything including the occupant.
Vehicle blows up dealing 8d6 damage to all occupant. Vehicle cannot be repaired.
Vehicle blows up dealing 6d6 damage to all occupant. Vehicle can be repaired. Combat, Move and Physical are reduced by 1 permanently.
Vehicle blows up dealing 4d6 damage to all occupant. Vehicle can be repaired. 2 stats are reduced by 1 permanently (choose from Combat, Move, Physical)
Vehicle blows up dealing 2d6 damage to all occupant. Vehicle can be repaired. 1 stats are reduced by 1 permanently (choose from Combat, Move, Physical)
Vehicle stops. No damage dealt to occupant. Vehicle can be repaired.

Here are some vehicle stats for everyone to play. I stat Mad Max Fury War Rig and Nux Buggy

War Rig
DEF 9, HP 65, Combat 1, Physical 6, Move 0, Reduce 10, Protect +3,
Personal Weapon: Guns (1d6), Shotgun (2d6), Flaregun (1d6, target stunt)

Max Rockatansky 
Physical 4, Mental 2, Combat 4, Social 1, HP 25, DEF 7
Skill: Ace Driver: roll 3d6 and pick 2 of the best when rolling involving driving, Drive (2) +2 to when manoeuvring vehicle.

Imperator Furiosa
Physical 2, Mental 3, Combat 3, Social 2, HP 18, DEF 7
Skill: Drive (2), Sharpeyes +2 when shooting.

Nux Buggy
DEF 8, HP 40, Combat 1, Physical 3, Move 2, Reduce 3, Protect +2,
Weapon: Thunderstick x 6 (3d6)
Mod: Nitrobooster (user can choose CLOSE or DISENGAGED without rolling)

Physical 1, Mental 3, Combat 1, Social 1, HP 12, DEF 7
Skill: Drive (1) +1 when manoeuvring vehicle.

Physical 1, Mental 2, Combat 1, Social 1, HP 12, DEF 7

26 July 2016

Wim Le Page's Pagius Games

You see that, THIS is what I want from fans!

Well Wim Le Page of Pagius Games translated Savage Flower Kingdom, Obsidian Crystal Quest and True Soccer Hero into Dutch aaaand he go further by making bits and pieces for SFK and especially Obsidian Crystal Quest! Go there and download them.


Be sure to check this site every now and then. He might update stuff!

20 July 2016

LARA System Random Alien Generation Charts

Something awesome came up in Brian's blog. It's the LARA system Random Alien Generation Charts! It's so that you can make random alien on the fly or get inspired by it or both! I am going to run Starfarers Kosmos with these tables. Go there now! It's a plus with Pete's artwork. I love his work.

21 June 2016

Food for Savage Flower Kingdom part 2 of 2

The picture above is what happened when you failed your cooking. While that give you as minimum of 1 HP if consume, it also have 1 in 6 chances to make the consumer sick. Brian really completes the article with part 2 of Food for Savage Flower Kingdom.

note: I also like that he mentioned that Savage Flower Kingdom is a bright and colorful place with beautiful food, weird monsters, and where the two should meet: strange but magical gourmet creations. I seriously say this, that I had imagine Savage Flower Kingdom to be like that!

19 June 2016

Food for Savage Flower Kingdom part 1 of 2

Have you ever wanted to add food into Savage Flower Kingdom? Well wait no more as Brian Richmond already created some rules for adding food into your Savage Flower Kingdom rpg adventure. Now anyone can make a Dungeon Meshi campaign!

Go to Brian's blog now! He made it for Free RPG Day! Happy Free RPG Day!

16 June 2016

[Savage Flower Kingdom Class] Halfling


Small and cheerful, Halflings are curious, suspicious and extremely courageous Beings.  When They hear the call of adventure your stealth skill and luck make Them great adventurers.

HP : 1d6 + 8 CP : 7
Skill : Small, and Pick 1 skill (reserved or common)
Reserved Skills : Stealth, Bravery, Drunken Master, Negotiator, Lucky One

New Skills
* Stealth- Add +1 Physical rolls to hide, move in silence and surprise others (+2 When mastered).
* Bravery- +1 Add to Mental rolls against fear effects (+2 When mastered).
Small-Small character can not use 2 hand weapons and add +1 to attack and defense against enemies larger than the human.

Note: Felippe created this missing Halfling for Savage Flower Kingdom and I found it in his rpg blog. Thanks for letting me put this in epgames! I've been meaning to create Halfling since Savage Flower Kingdom v2 but decided to put it away as my Halfling is kind of weird. Whatever it is, Game on!

08 June 2016

[Wild Wednesday] adventure in Savage Flower Kingdom

for Wild Wednesday today, I will post 2 adventures! One was made by Aniketos titled A Lonely Village & A Mad Wizard and the recent one Obsidian Crystal Quest which I made for  MYACON 2.0 recently. Download and play! Do give feedback because I love them.

01 June 2016

no wild wednesday today but...

Done making a short Savage Flower Kingdom adventure for Myacon 2.0. The title would be The Obsidian Crystal Quest, it's a quest where you venture to a tower and get the said Obsidian Crystal from the owner of the tower. It will be short and good for introductory adventure!

After Myacon, I will post it in the blog!

psst, that's why there's no Wild Wednesday post today.

25 May 2016

Character Sheet for Savage Flower Kingdom and Sprawl

Wild Wednesday here! These are character sheet for Savage Flower Kingdom and Sprawl. I took the design from Sam Mameli's B/X Character Sheet because it was nice, clean and organize. I thought it would also be nice for SFK and Sprawl's character sheet, so I took it. I redesign some stuff though. Sam if you reading this, I am sorry I took it - it was so damn nice!

Also I've added Sprawl translated in Spanish by Hiram Vazquez.

Stay tune for next week's Wild Wednesday!

You can find all links in each individual page or just go to download and go to each individual page.

21 May 2016

New Logos for EPgames!

Unless you haven't go to epgames FB what I've written here is the same thing. If you haven't, read on!

A fortnight ago, Pierrot and me talked about the name of SFK game mechanic. Pierrot suggested something simple like Basic rpg or Unisystem. So I gave these 2
Asas rpg (means basic in Malay)
Penglipur Lara (means storyteller in Malay)
Asas rpg is quite nice but I am scared people called it Ass rpg which is kinda bad and stupid (LOL). So we picked penglipur lara but it was too long, we shorten it to LARA. Lara system will get a mascot of a girl of somekind eventually in the future but for now you guys get only a logo which will be use in future rpg made by experimental playground using sfk game mechanic.
The new ep logo I made along with Lara system, just because I had my momentum. Talk about hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. 2 HIT COMBO!
What do you think of these new ep logos?

18 May 2016

[Sprawl Class] TechDoc

created by Hiram Vazquez

TechDoc: In the 21 st century you have a “simple” job, you’re the one that everyone calls when someone needs medical assistance, a new implant or when the microwave stopped working. TechDoc starts with 1d6+8 HP, picks 2 medtechs and 1 implant.

Medical Techniques (Medtechs)
During advancement you may spend 3 XP to gain 1 new medtech.
You can use Medtechs whenever it is your turn. You need to make a mental roll against the medtech’s TN. If you fail, the technique is not done and your turn ends.

Patch Up (TN 7, 1 target) the target heals 1d6 HP.

Patch Up All (TN 11, 3 targets) 3 target heal 1d6 HP.
Requirement: Must pick Patch Up medtech first before acquiring this medtech.

Create Medstim (TN 9)  During a non-combat scene you may create a medstim. Reduce 1 item/1HP, and then 1 medstim is created. Use it to heal 1d6 HP.

Scavenge (TN 13, 1 target) After a combat you may search target dead enemy for free implants (ask GM if he [she] has). One implant per enemy; per success roll. Free implants have -1 in their traits (Remember, they are used implants).

Implant Surgery (TN 11, 1 target)  During a non-combat scene you may  use you own XP points to buy an implant for the target. Free implants can be use for this technique instead of your XP. (Optional: you can charge credits for the service. Remember this is a cyberpunk world everything has its price.)

Improve Implant (TN 9, 1 target) +1 to any of the implants of your choice that gives pluses (+) for 1 turn.

Hyper Sludge Syrup (TN 9, 1 target) +1 to any abilities of your choice for 1 turn.

Note: I had received an e-mail from Hiram Vazquez a week ago. He sent me a character class for Sprawl rpg. In his word "Hi, my name is Hiram Vazquez and I’m from Arecibo, Puerto Rico. I really like the work all of you are doing. I already have printed some of EP games and I enjoy playing them with my brother, my girlfriend and friends. I started a Sprawl game as a GM with some friends and I noticed that it needed a healer. So I decided to try to make a version of a healer for Sprawl. This class is a mash up of the Psychic, the Priest class from SFK, some of the maid, a bit of research from Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun and d20 Modern. I hope this lil bit of effort works well." It isn't just work well, it is GREAT STUFF!

07 May 2016

Porca Mamma

Something strange is happening lately.
Convoys are being attacked by a new band of porkers.
They have much greater numbers and much better tactics than usual.
It's starting to look like a real army, and it's a matter of time before they start attacking settlements.
They call themselves Porca Mamma Revolutionary Army.

Note: This is a supplement for Mutants & Machineguns by Iván González and he delivers it well. Thanks man. If you like Mad Max Fury Road, this could be Mutants & Machineguns version of it. Let's just say that instead of Immorten Joe you got Porca Mamma and the war boys are Porkers. I really like this idea so much! BIG THANK YOU to Ivan Gonzalez! Happy playing!

Download here
Porca Mamma

29 March 2016

Sprawl RPG

Welcome to the Sprawl, omae. An urban wasteland filled to the brim with crime and villainy and that makes good business for us. There is never any shortage of corps needing to do a smash and grab, a mafioso needing to whack someone, or sometimes a vengeful frakker who has it out for you.

Let’s go, omae. We got work to do.

Note: Juan Vasquez gave me a cyberpunk rules using Mutants & Machineguns rules which works well. Have fun everyone and BIG THANK YOU to Juan Vasquez!


20 March 2016

Final Fight

Just to break the silence, here are two of the most prominent characters in Final Fight by Capcom. One is a playable character or NPC and the other one is enemy. Here are their stats.

Combat 4, Ability 2, HP 30, DEF 8, Attacks: Punch (1d6), Moonsault Press*

If Andore consecutively punches the same victim three times per row, he will automatically makes his Moonsault Press (a stylize pile driver) dealing 3d6 damage. Victim may Save vs Physical (TN 8) to avoid.

Andore is a pro-wrestler thug and a member of Mad Gear that terrorize Metro City.

NPC for Final Fight 

Physical 3, Mental 1, Combat 2  Social 2, HP 20, DEF 9

Heavy Hitter (+1 damage), 
Special Move: Piledriver (-1 HP, make Physical roll vs TN 7, if success it will delivers 3d6 damage, victim may roll  Physical/Ability TN 7 to avoid), 
Special Move: Back Drop (-1 HP, make Physical roll vs TN 7, if success victim will received 1d6 damage and stunned for 1d3 rounds)

Mike Haggar is a former champion Street Fighter. He's the new mayor of Metro City. He has mastered professional wrestling skills and expert in Back Drop and Pile Driver.

19 January 2016

[Critters] Sanic

Created by Juan Vasquez

Combat 2
Ability 3
Defense 5
HP 8
Damage: 1d6 (see also below)

A fast blue hedgehog. Has the Quickness and Spiky Growth (1d6 + 1)

Note: Juan is a fan and sent a few critters for M&MG. In his words
"Hey guys! My name is Juan and I'm a huge fan of Mutants and Machine-Guns. I have developed a bestiary of some monsters players may come across while surviving the wasteland. I hope you guys like it".

I don't like it. I LOVE IT! Keep them coming Juan! I would be happy to draw them!


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