01 January 2014

[Savage Flower Kingdom Bestiary] Cthonic Wyrm

Created by Matthew Urquhart
Illustrated by Brian Richmond

Combat 3
Ability 1
Defence 10
HP 90
Damage Flame breath (2d6)

A huge, dark, worm like creature with a face full of writhing tentacles, this terror is thankfully quite rare. Cthonic Wyrms are often mistaken for dragons, hydras, even gorgons by the unwise and are rumored to be a curse on the land from dark and ancient gods. The beast travels underground, bursting up on prey. It then curls back it's tentacles, revealing a sucker-like, many-toothed maw that spews forth a flammable gas that petrifies those who breath it.

Monster skill: [Petrification] On a successful attack, roll 1d6. If the result is odd it may paralyze the victim! During his turn, he must make a Physical roll against TN of 7; if failed, he cannot move for the rest of combat.


Designer's note: Well it is new year! This should be good for a new year post. This time Cthonic Wyrm which is created by Matthew Urquhart and illustrated by Brian Richmond of http://numberappearing.blogspot.com which I really like the illustration. His illustration rocks! Hopefully more and more people would contribute for Savage Flower Kingdom!


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