29 March 2016

Sprawl RPG

Welcome to the Sprawl, omae. An urban wasteland filled to the brim with crime and villainy and that makes good business for us. There is never any shortage of corps needing to do a smash and grab, a mafioso needing to whack someone, or sometimes a vengeful frakker who has it out for you.

Let’s go, omae. We got work to do.

Note: Juan Vasquez gave me a cyberpunk rules using Mutants & Machineguns rules which works well. Have fun everyone and BIG THANK YOU to Juan Vasquez!


20 March 2016

Final Fight

Just to break the silence, here are two of the most prominent characters in Final Fight by Capcom. One is a playable character or NPC and the other one is enemy. Here are their stats.

Combat 4, Ability 2, HP 30, DEF 8, Attacks: Punch (1d6), Moonsault Press*

If Andore consecutively punches the same victim three times per row, he will automatically makes his Moonsault Press (a stylize pile driver) dealing 3d6 damage. Victim may Save vs Physical (TN 8) to avoid.

Andore is a pro-wrestler thug and a member of Mad Gear that terrorize Metro City.

NPC for Final Fight 

Physical 3, Mental 1, Combat 2  Social 2, HP 20, DEF 9

Heavy Hitter (+1 damage), 
Special Move: Piledriver (-1 HP, make Physical roll vs TN 7, if success it will delivers 3d6 damage, victim may roll  Physical/Ability TN 7 to avoid), 
Special Move: Back Drop (-1 HP, make Physical roll vs TN 7, if success victim will received 1d6 damage and stunned for 1d3 rounds)

Mike Haggar is a former champion Street Fighter. He's the new mayor of Metro City. He has mastered professional wrestling skills and expert in Back Drop and Pile Driver.


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