10 December 2013

Savage Flower Kingdom version 2

Welcome to the world of Savage Flower Kingdom – where everything will try killing you for fun or dessert. Nevertheless, it is a strange, mystical and adventurous Kingdom with a lot of hidden treasures. Let’s go to adventure!

Designer's Note: A new version needs a new cover and a new post! Enjoy the new Savage Flower Kingdom!

Download the game here:
Savage Flower Kingdom Character Sheet 2
Savage Flower Kingdom Character Sheet 2 (Malay)


  1. I just wanted to point out that I think I saw a few typos after printing it out.
    I put the title of the section in quotation marks ("")and direct quotes from the rules in apostrophes(''). -Quick Edit- I also added in some minor opinions, commentary, and ideas wherever =)

    [Btw, I'm Aniketos over at the BGG]

    "Savage Flower Kingdom v2.0" -
    Never the less - I believe it's nevertheless as I don't think I've ever seen it spelled out like that.

    "Creating Your Hero" -
    Where you say, '...is 3 for beginning hero.' I believe it should go, 'is 3 for a beginning hero.'

    "Pick a Class" -
    Add some colons ':' to go after the name of each class. So, 'Elf: Starts with 1d6...' instead of, 'Elf starts with...' And also maybe label 'Wizard' as 'Wizard/Witch'?

    Maybe instead of, '... or any magical means.' You could say, '...any magical items or spells' (or items/spells).

    "Doing Actions and Stuffs" -
    '... roll 2d6 roll plus...' I think you need to take out the 2nd 'roll' and read it as, 'roll 2d6 plus...'

    "Critical Hit and Fumble" -
    Just thought I'd say I love how you use 'Fumble' to denote someone not doing a good job X-D
    ---Ex: I roll a 2 with the maid and she drops the sandwich on the ground getting dirt and bugs on it.

    "Spells" -
    Add colons after each spell and its cost. Example, 'Detect Magic (TN 7): Caster...'
    --Detect Magic: Maybe change 'a target mind' to 'another's mind.'
    --Fireball: Change from, '... releases it to 1 target' to, '...releases it at 1 target.'
    --Glow: I can see someone being bait with this spell! ;p
    --Identify Magic: Maybe also add something like, 'The player can also identify the type of magic being used by someone else (like attack & defensive spells, magical traps, etc.)
    --Shield: Maybe call it a 'Barrier' instead to denote an in-game difference between a magical one and a physical one.
    --Stone Skin: Insert 'adds a' to, '...Target temporarily adds a +2 to their...'

    "Skills" -
    Add colons after each skill. So '*Athlete +1 to...' becomes, '*Athlete: +1 to...'
    --Bloody Magic: What does 'Bloody Magic' do lol?? And put 'the' here, '...as MP to cast the spell.'
    --Chef: I think the Maid should get this skill and Make a Sandwich for free but be disallowed from picking skills until the character is leveled up some.
    (Some corrections for 'Chef') Here you say, '...turn a monster to meal.' It should read, '...turn a monster into a meal.' But since this is E.P. I would add, '...turn a monster into a gourmet meal.' ;)
    I'm a little confused by the second sentence. Are 'Mental Rolls' the same thing as 'Target Numbers'?? Because you say, '...make a mental roll TN 4+ monster's Combat stats.' This is confusing to me and I'm honestly not sure how to read it. (Also 'Combat' should be lower case I think.)
    --*Goblin Rage: Should read, 'Whenever you are facing a creature related to goblins through name or physical appearance, you automatically get a +1 to your attack.'
    --*Locksmith: Should read as, '+1 to a Physical roll...,' and not '+1 to Physical.
    --*Lucky One: Rewrite as, 'You may reroll one bad roll in 1 scene.'
    --*Natural Armor: Change to, 'Reduce 1 damage dealt to you. Reduce 2 instead if this skill is picked twice.'
    --*Negotiator: Maybe just write as, '+1 to any roll involving social interaction like negotiation, bargaining, flirting, etc.'
    --*Strong: Same as '*Negotiator.' remove 'Physical' and replace with 'any'.

    To Be Continued...

  2. Continued!!!....

    "Falling" -
    To be clear, if I roll a 12 to the TN's 9, I don't get any damage and when I fumble I need a stretcher? And by halving the GM's damage in the fall, you basically mean not getting hurt toooo badly right?
    Also, write, '... ability against the TN (usually 9) set by GM to halve the damage'.

    "Poison" -
    First sentence, "Some monsters have poison as their attack.' Not, 'Some monsters have poison as attack.' Next, 'Whenever it hits, the victim needs to make a Combat roll against the TN. The base TN for poison attack is 9 unless the GM thinks otherwise. (The GM also controls how much damage the player receives if they fail their roll.)

    "Combat" -
    Need a comma in the first sentence after 'when'. Next sentence should read, 'To determine initiative, each combatant rolls 1d6 and adds it to their Physical ability.'
    Next part, 'When your turn arrives, you can pick one of the options below:'.
    --Attack: Lots of rewriting here- 'Attack a target with a weapon. Roll 2d6 and add Combat to try and get an equal or higher number than the target's DEF.' I personally think explaining when to use a melee weapon or a ranged weapon is fairly obvious and maybe leave the last bit out about them??... Oo
    --Move: Might rewrite as, 'A character may move into melee range and engage a target, move away from a target, or move into cover.'
    --Other Action: Maybe rewrite as, 'This is for actions surrounding picking locks, reloading a bow/crossbow, opening a window, using an item, etc.
    --Flee: Add 'the' here, '...Physical roll against the opponent with the highest DEF.'

    "Equipment Table" -
    I noticed that you mentioned somewhere that you might be working on expansion. Whatever you add, I hope you add a minor section for magical items/weapons/armor/etc.

    "Monsters" -
    'Level' appears to not be mentioned in your examples. Also any chance of seeing a picture of the Blink Cat? =D
    Also add colons after the name of each monster and commas after each stat. Ex. 'Blink Cat: Combat 2, Ability 2, DEF 8, Dmg 1d6.'
    Lastly, maybe indent each monster's ability?

    I really hope all of that was helpful! I love your artwork in all of your games as well as enjoy playing them and look forward to more of Savage Flower Kingdom!!

    Some more suggestions. You have Elf and Dwarf as classes. I think they could be changed to Laborer (Dwarf). Laborers could be miners, lumberjacks, sailors, etc. And Scholar instead of Elf? Scholars could be historians, cartographers, biographers, etc. I think you should do a booklet on playable races maybe?? Lastly, Maybe add some more artwork to the larger rulebook? And I am mostly asking this because I can never get enough of it! x-]

  3. One last thing, it's a lot easier to reach me at the BGG if you want to get back to me on the above. Again, I am Aniketos =) ... Sadly, due to school and RL issues, it has been a while since I last played one of your games =( I hope to print out and play some more in 2014!

  4. Hi Aniketos, I am registering SFK in RPGeek now. Also, thank you for fixing my typos. I really really appreciate it!

    I will fix the PDF later and post it. Do feel free to suggest more content for SFK and/or our other games! or better yet suggest a new game!

  5. The link to Spanish version of Savage Flower Kingdom v2 is broken {ŕeally sad}

  6. Hi there Sebastian, I already fix the link to Spanish version of SFK v2. I already tried downloading it again, hopefully your part is ok. Do enjoy the game :)

  7. So there's this usual problem with the SFK series. Or at least, something I see as a big problem.
    1 HP/MP costs 1 XP. 1 spell/skill costs 3 XP. 1 ability point costs 5 XP. 1d6 gives a mean of 3.5.
    Now, a starting Wizard is worth (3.5+8+8)x1 for HP/MP, plus 8x5 for CP, plus 3x3 for spells, which is a total of 68.5.
    Dwarf: (3.5+14)x1 for HP/MP, plus 7x5 for CP, plus 3 for Goblin Rage, which is a total of 55.5.
    Elf: (3.5+10+6)x1 for HP/MP, plus 7x5 for CP, plus 2x3 for spells, which is a total of 60.5.
    Priest: (3.5+10+6)x1 for HP/MP, plus 8x5 for CP, plus 3x3 for prayers, which is a total of 65.5.

    Since between the classes there aren't any other differences, seems advantageous to start as a Wizard rather than a Dwarf because in the future you will be able to emulate the Dwarf by using the XP.

    I don't know if this was intentional or not.
    Ways to correct this: [I did some brainstorming and what I write here is not supposed to be good, just ideas :-) ]
    1) balance the XP worth of classes (mayge give more CP to classes like the warrior, still in a maximum of 3...).
    2) give level ups instead of XP buying system. Do a level up table like other RPGs.
    3) Differenziate. Give classes uniques abilities/flavor. A good example is the Maid, which has 2 unique skills, orthe priest, which is the only one to get prayers*. Anyway, keep in count that these unique skills get more and more valuable as charachters grow stronger, because if someone has many skills he will suffer more for those skills he can never get. For this reason, you may want to tax XP for those powerful skills, which are even more powerful in the hands of powerful charachters, so it seems right that the other ones get more XP (so more HP, MP, spells...). E.g.:
    - the elf doesn't need to sleep nor eat except 1/months. He still needs water as normal people. Tax 20% XP
    - Cleric gets full MP at midday/midnight. Normal ways for restoring MP don't work for him because it's MP for prayers, not spells. Tax 15% XP.

    *Or anyone can? By the way: maybe if a non caster ever earns MP, he can choose to buy spells/prayers, then if he gains a single spells he may never get prayers, and viceversa. Thats because the MP fpr spells and for prayers are different things. One who casts spells, if he wants prayers too, he must buy different kind of MP.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion and telling the problem of SFK. Those words prove to be valuable to me and improve on the next SFK. Thanks again!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Did not exist a Portuguese version...

  10. Savage Flower Kingdom v2.0
    Bem Vindo ao mundo de Savage Flower Kingdom- Aonde qualquer coisa irá tentar matar você para se divertir ou pra sobremesa. Mas além disso, é um lugar estranho, místico e um reino de aventuras com vários tesouros ocultos e mistérios. Vamos nos aventurar!
    Welcome to the world of Savage Flower Kingdom – where everything will try to kill you for dessert or for fun. Nevertheless, it is a strange, mystical and adventurous kingdom with a lot of hidden treasures and mysteries. Let’s go to adventure!

    My translate project for Portuguese (Brazilian) of Savage Flower Kingdom.

    1. Make one! I sure do love it. You can send it at mail.to.epgames@gmail.com but I can only post it later when I have my laptop as all my SFK stuff are there

  11. Hello, I just wanted to point out that the links to the "Savage Flower Kingdom Bestiary (French)" is probably wrong, because it goes to the same file than the "Savage Flower Kingdom v2 (French)".
    Do you have any link to this "french bestiary"?



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