31 October 2018

Bump in the Night!

Art by Pierrot
Since Halloween is like today, Pierrot did something for LARA. Pssst! the clue is horror supplement...

check his blog here

30 October 2018

Halloween Monster: Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees
HD 8+1
DEF 10
Chainsaw (1 Close) 2d6 dmg
Improvise weapon/unarmed (1 Close) 1d6+1 dmg

Jason Voorhees generates 3hp per round and can only be damaged by magic & magical weapon. If Jason is reduced to zero hp there is a 1-4 chance in 1d6 that he come back to life with 3d6 hp. Jason can surprise his victim with 1-5 chance in 1d6. He is immune to Sleep and Charm spells.

I was reading JB Publishing this morning and his Jason came out! Why not convert this to Metatoy? So here we are, Happy Halloween everyone! *We don't celebrate it here but most of our tv shows are American show so...


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